How to Beat Koffing

If you are looking for the best ways to defeat Koffing in Pokemon Go, you've come to the right place! This guide will teach you how to successfully win battles against Koffing by exploiting its Type weakness(es).

In addition, it is equally as important to choose the optimal Pokemon and Movesets to take advantage of those weaknesses. This will allow you to to deal maximum damage during battle and defeat Koffing quickly and easily.
How to Beat Koffing
To defeat Koffing in Pokemon Go you must take advantage of its Type Weakness(es). Being a Poison Type, Koffing is vulnerable against Ground and Psychic Type Moves.

This guide lists the best Pokemon and best Movesets you should use in order to defeat Koffing as effectively and as efficiently as possible.
Before we get into the details of this guide, please see below. The following is a simple step by step guide/checklist on how to defeat Koffing. If you would like more information surrounding terminology, specific Pokemon, Movesets, DPS, etc. feel free to check out the rest of this guide.
5 Simple Tips to Defeat Koffing
Tip #1. CP (Combat Power) Advantage
Choose Pokemon with equal or higher CP than that of the Koffing you are battling. If your CP advantage is high enough, the next steps will not be as important in battle. Koffing can have up to a maximum of 1091 CP.
Tip #2. Use Move Types Koffing is Weak Against
Taking advantage of the Type Weakness(es) of Koffing will allow you to deal more damage during battle. Koffing is weak against the following Types:

Tip #3. Use Pokemon & Moves of the Same Type for Additional Damage
For example, Bulbasaur using a Grass Move, Charmander using a Fire Move or Squirtle using a Water Move will deal 25% more damage simply because the Pokemon is the same Type as the Move it is using. You can find out more about damage mechanics at the end of this page.
Tip #4. Choose the Best Type(s) of Pokemon
Dealing additional damage, while taking reduced damage is important in defeating Koffing. Avoid using Types of Pokemon Koffing Moves are Super Effective against, instead try to use Types of Pokemon of which Koffing Moves are Not Very Effective against.
MoveXKoffing Moves are Super Effective Against
Dark Pulse


Sludge Bomb

MoveKoffing Moves Not Very Effective Against

Dark Pulse


Sludge Bomb

Tip #5. Use High DPS Movesets for Max Damage
Taking advantage of the Type Weakness(es) of Koffing and the STAB (Same Type Attack Bonus) of your own Pokemon will allow you to deal a great amount of damage during battle. Koffing will go down quickly if the optimal Pokemon & Movesets are used.

You can learn more about high damage Movesets at the end of this guide: Section IV. Best Pokemon & Movesets to use against Koffing in battle.
Thank you for reading. If you would like further or more detailed information on how to defeat Koffing please continue reading the rest of this guide. If you have questions, comments, or tips of your own, feel free to leave a message in the comment section at the end of this guide!
I. Koffing Type Weaknesses
To defeat Koffing you must first learn its Type weaknesses. Using specific Types of Moves that Koffing is weak against will result in those Moves dealing Super Effective damage (25% damage bonus).
Koffing is a Poison Type Pokemon, which means it is weak against the following Move Type(s) and will be vulnerable to the following damage multipliers:

II. Utilizing Benefit of Super Effective Moves
Next we must identify Moves of the above Types. This is important as Moves that are Super Effective deal 25% additional damage. If a Pokemon has a double weakness, the Move will deal 56% additional damage.
In order to defeat Koffing you will want to choose a Pokemon with Move Types Koffing is vulnerable against. The moves of these types are shown below:
Move NameFast/
Bone ClubCharge Ground251.60-2515.63
BulldozeCharge Ground353.40-2510.29
DigCharge Ground705.80-3312.07
Drill RunCharge Ground503.40-3314.71
EarthquakeCharge Ground1004.20-10023.81
Mud BombCharge Ground302.60-2511.54
Mud ShotFast Ground60.55710.91
Mud SlapFast Ground151.35911.11
Move NameFast/
ConfusionFast Psychic151.5179.93
PsybeamCharge Psychic403.80-2510.53
PsychicCharge Psychic552.80-5019.64
Psycho CutFast Psychic70.57712.28
PsyshockCharge Psychic402.70-3314.81
Zen HeadbuttFast Psychic121.05411.43
III. Pokemon Weakness(es) vs. Koffing
Before we go any further, please take a minute to consider the following. Most of this guide is focused on dealing high amounts of damage in a short period of time, in order to beat Koffing as quickly as possible.

However, it is important to note that defensive Type weaknesses play an important role in Pokemon Go battles as well.
First off, Koffing can deal a great amount of damage using Tackle and Sludge Bomb. This is especially true if you are using Pokemon that are weak against these Move Type(s). The damage per second and ranking of this moveset is shown below.
High DPS Moveset for Koffing:
Move:TackleSludge Bomb
Move Type:NormalPoison
Category:Fast Charge
Rank (DPS):#51#46
DPS (w/ STAB):10.926.4
Rank (w/ STAB):#51#17
Koffing is capable of using the following Moves:
Koffing Fast Moves:Koffing Charge Moves:
-TackleDark PulseSludgeSludge Bomb

Sec:1.1 secSec:3.5 sec2.6 sec2.6 sec
While Tackle and Sludge Bomb is a strong Moveset, most of Koffing's Moves will deal additional damage if used against certain Types of Pokemon as they will take increased damage from Koffing. Depending on the particular Moveset of the Koffing you are battling against, you will want to try and avoid using Pokemon of the following Types.
MoveXKoffing Moves are Super Effective Against
Dark Pulse


Sludge Bomb

On the other hand, there are certain Types of Pokemon in Pokemon Go, that will take less damage from the Moves of Koffing. Therefore, to survive longer during Gym battles you will want to try and use Pokemon of the below Types when battling against Koffing.
MoveKoffing Moves are Not Very Effective Against

Dark Pulse


Sludge Bomb

It is important to note that this is not the only factor in choosing the optimal Pokemon to defeat Koffing. If you have a Pokemon with much higher CP and a high damage Moveset vs. Koffing you will obviously want to use that Pokemon. You will be able to win the battle quickly before your opponent has even had a chance to deal much damage.

However, if you are using a Pokemon with average CP and an average moveset, choosing the right Type of Pokemon becomes much more important.
IV. Benefits of Type Weakness & STAB Damage
Getting back to the offensive side of battling, the next step is to identify which Pokemon have the capability of using Super Effective Moves against Koffing.

Furthermore, we must identify Pokemon that are the same Type as the Moves they are using. This will result in an added 25% additional damage bonus, commonly referred to as STAB (Same Type Attack Bonus).
If you are new to Pokemon Go or to the damage mechanics in general, be sure to review the chart below before making your way to Section V. (Best Pokemon Movesets vs. Koffing). It explains how Pokemon Go DB determines the best damage Moveset/Pokemon to beat Koffing.
The following chart explains the terms used in this guide:
Battle Mechanics Terminology (Quick Reference Guide)
DPSDPS stands for Damage per Second. The DPS of each Move is calculated by taking the Power of a Move and dividing it by the time (seconds) it takes to actually perform the move (also known as a cooldown).
STABSTAB stands for Same Type Attack Bonus. When a Pokemon uses a Move that is the same Type as itself that Move will deal additional bonus damage. For example, if a Poison Type Pokemon uses a Poison Type Move it will deal 25% more damage.
Best Fast MoveThe Best Fast Move is calculated by taking the highest DPS Fast Move a Pokemon is capable of using. This includes the 25% STAB bonus. Generally every Pokemon in Pokemon Go will have one of two possible Fast Moves.
Best Charge MoveThe Best Charge Move is calculated by taking the highest DPS Charge Move a Pokemon is capable of using. This includes the 25% STAB bonus. Generally every Pokemon in Pokemon Go will have one of three possible Charge Moves.
Best Fast Move DPS vs. KoffingBest Fast Move DPS vs. Koffing is calculated by taking the Best Fast Move DPS w/ STAB and multiplying that DPS by 1.25 if Koffing has a single weakness to that Type or multiplying that DPS by 1.56 if Koffing has a double weakness to that Type.
Best Charge Move DPS vs. KoffingBest Charge Move DPS vs. Koffing is calculated by taking the Best Charge Move DPS w/ STAB and multiplying that DPS by 1.25 if Koffing has a single weakness to that Type or multiplying that DPS by 1.56 if Koffing has a double weakness to that Type.
Average DPSAverage DPS is simply the average of the Best Fast Move DPS vs. Koffing and the Best Charge Move DPS vs. Koffing. The chart is then sorted by highest Average DPS to lowest.
V. Best Pokemon & Movesets to use against Koffing in battle.
The following chart lists the top Pokemon/Moveset against Koffing. The list is sorted by highest Average Damage per Second to lowest. Type Effectiveness and STAB play a big role in increasing the damage that is done to Koffing. If you follow every step in this guide, you will have a much easier time defeating Koffing. Good Luck!
Best Pokemon Movesets vs. Koffing
PicNameBest Fast MoveBest Charge MoveFast Move TypeCharge Move TypeBest Fast Move DPS vs. KoffingBest Charge Move DPS vs. KoffingAverage DPS

DugtrioMud SlapEarthquakeGroundGround17.437.227.3

GolemMud SlapEarthquakeGroundGround17.437.227.3

MarowakMud SlapEarthquakeGroundGround17.437.227.3

RhydonMud SlapEarthquakeGroundGround17.437.227.3

SandslashMud ShotEarthquakeGroundGround17.037.227.1

NidoqueenPoison JabEarthquakePoisonGround14.337.225.7

NidokingPoison JabEarthquakePoisonGround14.337.225.7

AlakazamPsycho CutPsychicPsychicPsychic19.230.724.9

MewtwoPsycho CutPsychicPsychicPsychic19.230.724.9

GravelerMud SlapStone EdgeGroundRock17.432.324.8

MankeyScratchCross ChopNormalFighting12.037.524.8

HypnoZen HeadbuttPsychicPsychicPsychic17.930.724.3

ExeggutorZen HeadbuttPsychicPsychicPsychic17.930.724.3

Mr. MimeZen HeadbuttPsychicPsychicPsychic17.930.724.3

JigglypuffPoundBody SlamNormalNormal16.232.124.1

PrimeapeLow KickCross ChopFightingFighting10.437.524.0

MachopLow KickCross ChopFightingFighting10.437.524.0

MachokeLow KickCross ChopFightingFighting10.437.524.0

MeowthScratchBody SlamNormalNormal15.032.123.5

MachampKarate ChopCross ChopFightingFighting9.437.523.4

SnorlaxZen HeadbuttBody SlamPsychicNormal14.332.123.2

PidgeotWing AttackHurricaneFlyingFlying15.031.323.1





WigglytuffPoundHyper BeamNormalNormal16.230.023.1

ChanseyPoundHyper BeamNormalNormal16.230.023.1

DewgongFrost BreathBlizzardIceIce13.932.123.0

CloysterFrost BreathBlizzardIceIce13.932.123.0

LaprasFrost BreathBlizzardIceIce13.932.123.0

ArticunoFrost BreathBlizzardIceIce13.932.123.0

KabutopsMud ShotStone EdgeGroundRock13.632.322.9

StarmieWater GunPsychicWaterPsychic15.030.722.8

RattataTackleBody SlamNormalNormal13.632.122.8

EeveeTackleBody SlamNormalNormal13.632.122.8

CharizardWing AttackFire BlastFlyingFire15.030.522.7

ArcanineFire FangFire BlastFireFire14.930.522.7

PsyduckWater GunCross ChopWaterFighting15.030.022.5

IvysaurVine WhipPower WhipGrassGrass13.531.322.4

BellsproutVine WhipPower WhipGrassGrass13.531.322.4

TangelaVine WhipPower WhipGrassGrass13.531.322.4

WartortleWater GunHydro PumpWaterWater15.029.622.3

BlastoiseWater GunHydro PumpWaterWater15.029.622.3

GolduckWater GunHydro PumpWaterWater15.029.622.3

SeadraWater GunHydro PumpWaterWater15.029.622.3

VaporeonWater GunHydro PumpWaterWater15.029.622.3

OmastarWater GunHydro PumpWaterWater15.029.622.3

ParasectBug BiteSolar BeamBugGrass13.930.622.3

LickitungZen HeadbuttHyper BeamPsychicNormal14.330.022.1

WeepinbellRazor LeafPower WhipGrassGrass12.931.322.1

VenusaurVine WhipSolar BeamGrassGrass13.530.622.0

TaurosZen HeadbuttEarthquakePsychicGround14.329.822.0

TentacruelPoison JabHydro PumpPoisonWater14.329.621.9


KangaskhanMud SlapEarthquakeGroundGround13.929.821.8

VileplumeRazor LeafSolar BeamGrassGrass12.930.621.8

VictreebelRazor LeafSolar BeamGrassGrass12.930.621.8

OnixRock ThrowStone EdgeRockRock11.032.321.6

PoliwrathMud ShotHydro PumpGroundWater13.629.621.6

NinetalesEmberFire BlastFireFire11.930.521.2

PonytaEmberFire BlastFireFire11.930.521.2

RapidashEmberFire BlastFireFire11.930.521.2

MagmarEmberFire BlastFireFire11.930.521.2

FlareonEmberFire BlastFireFire11.930.521.2

MoltresEmberFire BlastFireFire11.930.521.2

DragoniteDragon BreathDragon ClawDragonDragon15.027.321.2

RaticateBiteHyper BeamDarkNormal12.030.021.0

CuboneMud SlapBone ClubGroundGround17.424.420.9

GyaradosBiteHydro PumpDarkWater12.029.620.8


MukPoison JabGunk ShotPoisonPoison14.327.120.7

AbraZen HeadbuttPsyshockPsychicPsychic17.923.120.5

HaunterShadow ClawSludge BombGhostPoison14.526.420.5

GengarShadow ClawSludge BombGhostPoison14.526.420.5

BeedrillPoison JabSludge BombPoisonPoison14.326.420.4

NidorinoPoison JabSludge BombPoisonPoison14.326.420.4

GrimerPoison JabSludge BombPoisonPoison14.326.420.4

ClefairyZen HeadbuttMoonblastPsychicFairy14.325.920.1

ClefableZen HeadbuttMoonblastPsychicFairy14.325.920.1

EkansPoison StingGunk ShotPoisonPoison12.927.120.0

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