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Pokedex Entry #052: Meowth is a Normal Type Pokemon. It evolves into Persian.
Meowth withdraws its sharp claws into its paws to slinkily sneak about without making any incriminating footsteps. For some reason, this Pokémon loves shiny coins that glitter with light.
Species:Scratch Cat Pokémon
Height:1′4″ (0.41m)
Weight:9.3 lbs (4.2 kg)
Meowth Base StatsMeowth Stat Rankings
Stamina:80Stamina:# 119
Attack:92Attack:# 136
Defense:81Defense:# 140
CP Gain:9.6CP:# 139
Max CP:638Overall:# 142
Meowth Moves
Meowth Fast Moves:Meowth Charge Moves:
BiteScratchBody SlamDark PulseNight Slash
Cooldown:0.5 sec0.5 sec1.56 sec3.5 sec2.7 sec
w/ STAB:
Ideal Moveset for Meowth:
Move:ScratchBody Slam
Category:Fast Charge
Rank (DPS):#34#23
DPS (w/ STAB):15.032.1
Rank (w/ STAB):#4#3
Meowth Locations
5.0 km Egg
Normal Offensive Type Effectiveness
Normal Type Moves are Super Effective Against:
XNormal Type Moves are Not Very Effective Against:
Normal Defensive Type Effectiveness
These Types are Not Very Effective Against Normal Pokemon:
XThese Types are Super Effective Against Normal Pokemon:
Meowth Evolution
Meowth Evolves FromMeowthEvolves Into
-Candy Required for Evolution
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Commando_Gates said...

I swear there's one of these near me right now. I rode my bike around for almost an hour but I still can't find it.

Anonymous said...

One kept appearing near my apt the last few nights. I went looking last night and got an abra last night, got the Meowth tonight!

Anonymous said...

I found one in Starbucks

Anonymous said...

Mine has Bite and Dark Pulse.

Anonymous said...

My Meowth's set is
Bite (6)
Body slam (50)
I've caught other ones that know dark pulse, etc.

Anonymous said...

mine has 6 bite & 45 dark pulse, nice then

Anonymous said...

Caught one at work while in a meeting with CEO, CFO and Senior Vice President. Meowth was trying to get me in trouble.

Anonymous said...

I fed it a razzberry, missed, bopped it once or twice and itstill ran away! 185 CP it was. Any tips on catching these?

Luzman said...

i found it in masjid. Maybe he is a muslim hehe


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