A Move in Pokemon Go is an attack used by Pokemon in battle. Each Pokemon can have two different moves at any given time. One move is designated as a Fast Move while the other is a Charge Move. During battle, you can either choose to Dodge an attack, use an Item or use a Fast/Charge Move.

A Charge Move deals more damage than a Quick Move, but requires Stamina to use.

A Fast Move deals less damage than a Charge Move, but restores Stamina when used.

Two Pokemon of the same species can have different Moves. For example, one wild Ekans may have Acid as its Fast Move and Mud Bomb as its Charge Move, while another Ekans may have Bite as its Fast Move and Wrap as its Charge Move.
All Move Types
The following is a Current List of all Pokemon Go Moves and Move Types:
Pokémon Go Moves List
Fast 101.059.576.7
Aerial Ace
Charge 302.910.3-25-8.6
Air Cutter
Charge 303.39.1-25-7.6
Ancient Power
Charge 353.69.7-25-6.9
Aqua Jet
Charge 252.3510.6-20-8.5
Aqua Tail
Charge 452.3519.1-50-21.3
Fast 60.512.0714.0
Charge 1003.925.6-100-25.6
Body Slam
Charge 401.5625.6-50-32.1
Bone Club
Charge 251.615.6-25-15.6
Brick Break
Charge 301.618.8-33-20.6
Charge 252.410.4-25-10.4
Fast 252.310.9156.5
Bubble Beam
Charge 302.910.3-25-8.6
Bug Bite
Fast 50.4511.1715.6
Bug Buzz
Charge 754.2517.6-50-11.8
Charge 353.410.3-25-7.4
Bullet Punch
Fast 101.28.375.8
Fast 151.519.974.6
Cross Chop
Charge 60230.0-100-50.0
Cross Poison
Charge 251.516.7-25-16.7
Dark Pulse
Charge 453.512.9-33-9.4
Dazzling Gleam
Charge 554.213.1-33-7.9
Charge 705.812.1-33-5.7
Disarming Voice
Charge 253.96.4-20-5.1
Charge 352.514.0-33-13.2
Dragon Breath
Fast 60.512.0714.0
Dragon Claw
Charge 351.621.9-50-31.3
Dragon Pulse
Charge 653.618.1-50-13.9
Draining Kiss
Charge 252.88.9-20-7.1
Drill Peck
Charge 402.714.8-33-12.2
Drill Run
Charge 503.414.7-33-9.7
Charge 1004.223.8-100-23.8
Fast 101.059.576.7
Feint Attack
Fast 121.0411.576.7
Fire Blast
Charge 1004.124.4-100-24.4
Fire Fang
Fast 100.8411.944.8
Fire Punch
Charge 402.814.3-33-11.8
Flame Burst
Charge 302.114.3-25-11.9
Flame Charge
Charge 253.18.1-20-6.5
Flame Wheel
Charge 404.68.7-25-5.4
Charge 552.919.0-50-17.2
Flash Cannon
Charge 603.915.4-33-8.5
Frost Breath
Fast 90.8111.178.6
Fury Cutter
Fast 30.47.5615.0
Gunk Shot
Charge 65321.7-100-33.3
Heat Wave
Charge 803.821.1-100-26.3
Horn Attack
Charge 252.211.4-25-11.4
Charge 803.225.0-100-31.3
Hydro Pump
Charge 903.823.7-100-26.3
Hyper Beam
Charge 120524.0-100-20.0
Hyper Fang
Charge 352.116.7-33-15.7
Ice Beam
Charge 653.6517.8-50-13.7
Ice Punch
Charge 453.512.9-33-9.4
Ice Shard
Fast 151.410.775.0
Icy Wind
Charge 253.86.6-20-5.3
Iron Head
Charge 30215.0-33-16.5
Karate Chop
Fast 60.87.578.8
Leaf Blade
Charge 552.819.6-50-17.9
Fast 50.510.0714.0
Low Kick
Fast 50.68.3711.7
Low Sweep
Charge 302.2513.3-25-11.1
Magnet Bomb
Charge 302.810.7-25-8.9
Charge 803.225.0-100-31.3
Metal Claw
Fast 80.6312.7711.1
Charge 854.120.7-100-24.4
Mud Bomb
Charge 302.611.5-25-9.6
Mud Shot
Fast 60.5510.9712.7
Mud Slap
Fast 151.3511.196.7
Night Slash
Charge 302.711.1-25-9.3
Ominous Wind
Charge 303.19.7-25-8.1
Fast 101.158.7108.7
Petal Blizzard
Charge 653.220.3-50-15.6
Play Rough
Charge 552.919.0-50-17.2
Poison Fang
Charge 252.410.4-20-8.3
Poison Jab
Fast 121.0511.476.7
Poison Sting
Fast 60.5810.346.9
Fast 70.5413.0713.0
Power Gem
Charge 402.913.8-33-11.4
Power Whip
Charge 702.825.0-100-35.7
Charge 403.810.5-25-6.6
Charge 552.819.6-50-17.9
Psycho Cut
Fast 70.5712.3712.3
Charge 402.714.8-33-12.2
Quick Attack
Fast 101.337.575.3
Razor Leaf
Fast 151.4510.374.8
Rock Slide
Charge 503.215.6-33-10.3
Rock Smash
Fast 151.4110.675.0
Rock Throw
Fast 121.368.875.1
Rock Tomb
Charge 303.48.8-25-7.4
Charge 55413.8-33-8.3
Fast 60.512.0714.0
Seed Bomb
Charge 402.416.7-33-13.8
Shadow Ball
Charge 453.0814.6-33-10.7
Shadow Claw
Fast 110.9511.677.4
Signal Beam
Charge 453.114.5-33-10.6
Charge 302.611.5-25-9.6
Sludge Bomb
Charge 552.621.2-50-19.2
Sludge Wave
Charge 703.420.6-100-29.4
Solar Beam
Charge 1204.924.5-100-20.4
Fast 70.710.045.7
Steel Wing
Fast 151.3311.343.0
Charge 302.114.3-25-11.9
Stone Edge
Charge 803.125.8-100-32.3
Charge 151.78.8-20-11.8
Charge 302.114.3-33-15.7
Sucker Punch
Fast 70.710.045.7
Charge 30310.0-25-8.3
Fast 121.110.976.4
Charge 1004.323.3-100-23.3
Thunder Punch
Charge 402.416.7-33-13.8
Thunder Shock
Fast 50.68.3711.7
Charge 552.720.4-50-18.5
Fast 01.730.000.0
Charge 252.79.3-20-7.4
Vice Grip
Charge 252.111.9-20-9.5
Vine Whip
Fast 70.6510.8710.8
Water Gun
Fast 60.512.0714.0
Water Pulse
Charge 353.310.6-25-7.6
Wing Attack
Fast 90.7512.079.3
Charge 2546.3-20-5.0
Charge 352.116.7-33-15.7
Zen Headbutt
Fast 121.0511.443.8


Anonymous said...

What is the most CP you can get from any wild pokémon? Perhaps a percentage to be found? Also how can I know the possible moves a certain pokémon can be found with?

Anonymous said...

Are there plans to update this list? and to include damage rating? There are some moves (psyblast or some other psychic move) absent from your list.

Anonymous said...

I agree with ^^ It'd be nice to have damage. Maybe also optimal builds.

Anonymous said...

Can you separate basic attacks, their damage and who can use them, with another category for special attacks.

Laura Bronson said...

What does the DPS column mean?

Pokemon Go DB said...

Hi Laura,

DPS stands for Damage Per Second. This is determined by the Move's Power and its cooldown (in seconds).

Zimmermann Márk said...

Hi, please besides DPS, show EPS = energy per second, for those who like to spam specials.
Please separate fast attacks from special, and make it sortable from the header.
Maybe highlighting condition like wrap, draining kiss, dig has.
Also other sites have critical chance informaion, please include it.

Zimmermann Márk said...

Thx for EPS figures :)
Please add special notes like attack first, attack next round, paralize target(wrap)

Caroline Maury Laribiere said...

Thanks for these explanations. What is Energy?

Zimmermann Márk said...

Brine and Brick break links are mixed off

@Caroline, Energy buildes up by fast attacks, and used up by charge attacks.
A go for special charge attacks like warp, dig, high crit, knockdown, AoE, lower accuracy or speed.

Zimmermann Márk said...

Please add a DPS/energy figure for Charge attacks.
I found that body slam is very energy/cooldown efficitent.

I made an excel, can I send it to you?

Alex aka 'nugjuice' said...

Thanks for the list and the site! One of my few go-to Pogo Sites :)

While I realize there's no way to totally compare any of these moves, I would want to add one caveat - that this is a fine discussion starter on which moves are best, but it's far from the end of the discussion. There almost needs to be an 'Attack DPS' and 'Defense DPS.'

Button mashing is cute in the suburbs I'm sure with easy gyms, but around here dodging is as critical as attacking. One missed dodge and that 3.3k Dragonite will wipe you out.

Having to dodge, along with the fact that enemies always attack every 1.5sec no matter what their main attack is, changes everything when considering move rankings. You not only need to consider dmg and cooldown, but 'how many attacks per 1.5 sec.' If you had 2 moves with identical dmg, one with a 0.5sec cd and one with a 1.0 sec cd, the 0.5sec CD would do 2x as much dmg. Factoring in the dodge time, that now goes to 3x dmg. Big boost for the quick, low dmg main attacks. The same is true for defenders, but reversed. If they're having to wait 1.5sec no matter what they just want to do as much dmg in one swing as possible.

The dodge part of the equation also changes the charge move discussion for offense/defense. On offense, charge moves like Twister might as well be labeled as 0 dps since you can't use them. Why risk getting hit with a Hyper Beam just so you can do a tiny bit of extra dmg? The only charge moves I use take 50% or 100% of the energy bar. Most everything else seems to be a waste of time.

Wow, so I just realized I wrote a novel that likely nobody will read/care about. But there it is. If you got this far, don't toss out a good mon just because he doesn't have the higher DPS moves. Things are often different on paper and in real life! Happy Hunting.

Looking forward to more updates in the future :) Thanks again

Anonymous said...

Farfetch'd has a Fast move type called "Cut" of "Normal" type, Power 12. This does not appear to be on the list.


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