Heat Wave (Move)

The user attacks by exhaling hot breath on the opposing Pokémon.
Heat Wave StatsMove Lists
Move Type:
All Moves
Category:Charge Fast Moves
Power:80Charge Moves
Cooldown (seconds):3.8 secRankings (DPS)
Energy per Use:-100
Damage per Second (DPS):21.1
DPS (w/ STAB):26.3
Heat Wave Rankings
Charge Move Rank (DPS):#38
Charge Move Rank (w/ STAB):#14
Overall Rank (DPS):#52
Overall Rank (w/ STAB)#20
Heat Wave Offensive Type Effectiveness
Heat Wave is Super Effective Against the Following Types:
XHeat Wave is Not Very Effective Against the Following Types:
Pokemon Capable of Using Heat Wave
Heat Wave may be included in the moveset of the following Pokemon:
NamePicType 1Type 2


Anonymous said...

Flareon can also use Heat Wave

Anonymous said...

Does this have any other hit effect, or is it just worse than fire blast

Anonymous said...

It's much harder to dodge than fire blast is, which is why I much prefer this on a pokemon as it's better for holding gyms.

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