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Anonymous said...

Hi , I just recently got the game, and I'm doing very well in terms of catching pokemon and evolving etc, I have 64 pokemon already and I was just wondering, for those of us who have received the game on our androids via the Http link on 9gag, ( Fyi , game runs perfectly ) , how do we know when there are updates to the game , or better yet, how do we get the new updates?

Posted by : Kuzuri21

ToxiCandii said...

I really wish this worked better in rural areas. I don't get to go to town very often, so I can only get the occasional pidgey or rattata... It's very inconvenient unless you at least live in a town. I love the game, but I can't get anywhere in it because of my location.

Anonymous said...

I also live in a rural area. I find random Pokemon but I'm next to the river and I find no water Pokemon. Sat on the shore for an Hour with incense and got nothing.

Anonymous said...

What drives me nuts is that when we use incense it doesn't really seem to have much of an effect. Also what is with our poke balls going crazy sometimes when we throw them. One minute they are going straight on and then the next they curve like mad. I love the game but the berries, incense and even the lures don't really work all that well.

gmcfalls7884 said...

I just lost 2100 coins.i was trying to purchase 8 incense and instead it gave me 35 who do I contact to relieve this issue.very angry at this point.

Rafael said...


Can you add my portuguese guide to brazilians or portugueses who finds your site?
It would be very helpful!

My guide is:

I wait for your answer :)

Anonymous said...

There should be a Tracker medal or some bonus when you hunt and catch a pokemon that you tagged in the "sightings" window.

Dedé said...

Great stuff and resources!
Do you have resources in portuguese for us brazilians?

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