10 Important Tips & Tricks

These tips and this video is brought to you by RedMercy's Youtube Channel. At the time of this video this player was almost level 19 with several Pokémon over 1,000 CP.

For those of you who don't have time to watch the entire 12:24 video above, the main tips broken down below:

#1. Capture as Many Pokémon As Possible
This includes Pidgeys, Caterpies, Weedles, Drowzees, etc. Standard Pokéballs are relatively easy to come by (especially if you live in an city or by a park where many Pokéstops usually reside) so don't be afraid to use them.

#2. Utilize the Curveball
Spinning the Pokéball before throwing it will give you an extra XP bonus (if the Pokémon is captured). The color of the ring determines the difficulty of the capture. From easiest to most difficult the colors are Green, Yellow, Orange and Red.

#3. Footprints Meaning
In the "Nearby Pokémon Chart" in the bottom right of your screen, the footprints below each Pokémon indicate how close that Pokémon is to your location. Three footprints represents furthest away, while zero footprints means that the Pokémon is right next to you. In addition, the Pokémon in the first position (top left) of the "Nearby Pokémon Chart" is actually the closest to your location.

#4. Don't Waste Stardust Early On
As you capture Pokémon and hatch Eggs you will gain Stardust, which is used to Power Up your Pokémon. It is important not to use this Stardust in the early levels. Some suggest waiting to Level 10, while some more experienced players recommend waiting to at least Trainer Level 20. Make sure to use it on Pokémon you plan to keep for the long run.

#5. Trainer Level is Very Important
The higher your Trainer Level, the higher CP Pokémon you will find. In addition, you will be able to capture higher CP Pokémon more easily. Higher Level Trainers will also be able to Power Up their Pokémon to higher CP Levels than lower level Trainers.

#6. Only Evolve High CP Pokémon
It is best if a Pokémon's CP curve is almost at the end. The evolved form of a Pokémon will share the same type of CP curve. Essentially, this will result in less use of Stardust to maximize that evolved Pokémon's CP.

#7. Use Fast Moves & Avoid Dodging
Especially for lower CP Pokémon battles, you will want to mainly use your Pokémon's Fast Move to defeat your opponent as quickly as possible. While Dodge can be useful at times, generally will you want to avoid using it as it can be a waste of time (in most situations).

#8. Gym Levels & Prestige
When battling an enemy Gym you will want to use a Pokémon with slightly lower CP than that of your opponent. The more difficult the battle, the more Prestige you will gain for winning the battle. The Prestige gained between using a lower CP Pokémon vs. a higher one is very significant.

#9. Egg Hatching Speed Limit
Hatching Eggs is very important as you can get rare Pokémon. According to many players, you must stay at 10 MPH or lower to begin to hatch your Egg. This is to avoid players from driving around and hatching all there Eggs in a very short period of time. Here are the list of Pokémon you can get from each type of Egg.

Pokémon List (2 km Egg)
Pokémon List (5 km Egg)
Pokémon List (10 km Egg)

#10. Fast XP Trick
I didn't know if this when I first started, but it is now a common trick to gain XP quickly. Essentially save up as much as many PidgeysCaterpies and Weedles (and Candy) as you can. Next make sure you have a Lucky Egg (With doubles XP for a short period of time), which you will get as a Level Up reward after reaching Level 9. 

With the Lucky Egg activated, evolve all of your Pokémon and enjoy double XP for each Pokémon that is evolved!

If you have any additional tips, feel free to comment below!


Anonymous said...

more bs. 10km? clearly dont know anything

Anonymous said...

There is a 10 km egg

Anonymous said...

there are 10 km eggs, I am hatching one right now

Anonymous said...

Some notes on battling:
Dodging can help, but mostly with a fast Pokemon (like an xs vaperion). I use the dodge because a Pokemon parked at a gym can't, and might as well use it. Notice how many hits you can get in before he attacks, and time your dodges, it still does some damage sometimes.
Count on taking a hit when you use your second attack, when it goes to widescreen you are a sitting duck, so make it worth it.
Finally I'd suggest catching all eevees, evolving and keeping the best. You'll end up with a team of big-cp water-electric-fire Pokemon that can go to work on any gym. Plus as you level up, the eevees you find get stronger and evolutions continue to be impressive. I don't live in a big city so I think I'm not seeing as many rare Pokemon, but my eevees are still elite. Lucky we have them to level the playing field.
Good luck, especially Team Valor!

Anonymous said...

Battling: one dodge the Special Moves (usually will announce the move on the screen before to give you time to dodge their attack).

Unknown said...

You have to be under 20MPH, not 10 for it to count as walking your eggs.

At 20 mph, it then considers you as driving, but if you keep it at 19mph, the counter on your incubated eggs still counts.

Should update info ^^^

Anonymous said...

There's a tip about obtaining 10km egg & better items from pokestop. It says : get items from 10 different pokestop in less than 30mmn. Apparently, the 10th could give 10km eggs more often.
But it is a necessity that you reach a different pokestop from the previous ones otherwise it will create a new chain to go to 10.
have fun !

Chiburi said...

Go on evolve that high cp pokemon without knowing its IV, goodlyck with the wasted stardust & candies

Anonymous said...

Are you out of revive irems and want to revive a pokemon.
If it is possible, try to power up that pokemon! It might get just 1hp, just enough to give it potion/super potion etc.

It will work !

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