Pokémon List (2 km Egg)

The following Pokémon can be hatched from a 2 km Egg.

Pokedex #PicPokémonType 1Type 2Egg KM
2.0 km Egg
2.0 km Egg
2.0 km Egg
2.0 km Egg
2.0 km Egg
2.0 km Egg
2.0 km Egg
2.0 km Egg
2.0 km Egg
2.0 km Egg
2.0 km Egg
2.0 km Egg
2.0 km Egg
2.0 km Egg
2.0 km Egg
2.0 km Egg


Scott Phillips said...

Does anybody even hatch these? I feel like other than for the sake of an egg hatching trophy, there's not many trainers who don't already have these by the time they're hatching eggs.

Will shine said...

Not every area has all of them and the starters aren't always available so best way to evolve the starters is to hatch them. Who doesn't want a high CP Charizard fully evolved?

Anonymous said...

Hatching a pokemon gives you 10-25 candies (I can't recall the exact numbers but this gives you an idea). You can use those candies to evolve your pokemons

Anonymous said...

I hatch these--I live in the suburbs so flame, rock, and electric types are super uncommon. I am level 14, but I have only caught one wild pikachu, and no flame pokemon or rock pokemon. Eggs are the only way I can get these types without driving to a different town. Water isn't that common where I live either--I would love to get enough Magikarps to evolve one, but I have a very long ways to go (one caught wild, one hatched)

Anonymous said...

The number of candies you get with an egg varies a lot. The geodude I hatched came with 5 but people are saying that eevees come with 25 always.

Anonymous said...

You get more candies for 10K eggs. Eevees come from 10K eggs.

Anonymous said...

Where is the Nidoran.. we get it in 5 km egg

Matt Bohannon said...

I hatch all my eggs regardless of what I get cuz I need the candies but I live in the a residential area there is a park across the street from my house and literally a river next to it and I have yet to see a single water type anywhere

Anonymous said...

2 days ago, I hatched an Aerodactyl with 30 candies. :) CP 1145 from a 10K egg. happy me.

Anonymous said...

My boyfriend hatched a sandshrew yesterday

Anonymous said...

Hatched a co954 Jynx this morning!

Anonymous said...

Hatched a picachu from a 2km egg.
Hatched a 1700 cp snorlax from a 5km
Egg. Just random people!

Emil Jons said...

hatched a Articuno yesterday and I transfered it for the candies

Anonymous said...

I hatched a 447 vulpix yesterday from a 2km egg

Anonymous said...

hatched an eevee yesterday via ten k egg, but where im at evvees are common, should have just stayed home

Michael Ryan said...

I'M AT LEVEL 21, because of my real job I usually have only time to walk around my house for 30 minutes or use the car when im driving back to home to hatch eggs late at night for half an hour. But the pokemon I usually get from the 2km eggs are almost always caterpies and weedles from the 2km egg, I have never ever seen a charmander on my radar or hatch one, from 5km eggs i got almost everything except jigglypuffs, doduo, mankey ( never seen one on my radar), seel, slowpoke, or kanghaskan but i did get 2 porygon, actually my first egg hatched ever was a porygon, from he 10k eggs only four i haved obtained from 861 visits to the pokestop and the pokemon i have hatched are Chansey, Eevee, Hitmochan and Magmar. What is weird is that 3 of my 10km eggs that i have obtained were located in the same pokestop and only one 10km from another

Anonymous said...

You can't hatch pidgeys and/or rattatas from 2km eggs

Matthew F said...

You definitely can get Pidgeys from 2km eggs. Pidgeys, Ratattas, Weedles and one Pikachu is all I've ever had from them. But Squirtles are the only starter I've seen in the wild, so I'm still doing them.

Anonymous said...

Where I live geodudes and sandshrews are SOOOOOOOOOO common

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Pidgies and rats no longer come out of 2k eggs; however, any eggs picked up prior to that change being made (which was after the Halloween event ended) still have the potential to contain them since eggs are predetermined when you pick them up.


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