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What is the Pokemon Go Database?
Pokémon Go Database was created with the main goal of helping players improve their Pokemon Go experience. This Website contains Information, Guides, Tips, Charts, Videos and More all aimed at enhancing the game of Pokemon Go users.

The main goal is for Pokemon Go Database to become the World's #1 Source of Pokemon Go Information!

Brief History
The Pokemon Go Database was born on March 8, 2016. This was around the time of the first Pokemon Go closed beta testing. During the first couple of months of inception, we received only a few visitors per day. These new visitors mainly came from the Pokemon Go Twitter Page and Facebook Page. However, as we continued to write more articles, the number of daily visitors slowly increased.

July 2016
Pokémon Go was released in July 6th 2016 in Australia and then in the U.S. shortly afterwards. The Pokémon Go Database went from receiving a few hundred visitors per day to thousands literally overnight. Major authority sites such as and linked articles to the Pokémon Go Database which helped the sudden surge in traffic. This significant jump in daily visitors was definitely not anticipated, but welcomed nonetheless!

Moving Forward
The short term and long term plan is to continue to increase the Pokemon Go Database’s social media presence by obtaining more Twitter followers and by growing our Facebook page. Information will continue to be updated and added to this site, with the goal of reaching as many Pokemon Go players as possible.

A discussion forum will also be added to this site in order to help build a strong Pokemon Go community. This is very important as Pokemon Go encourages people connecting with each other through Trading, Teams, Discussing Strategies, Events, etc. The newly established forum will seek to help facilitate this social interaction between players and fans alike.

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