Experience Points (XP)

An Experience Point (often abbreviated as EXP or XP) is a unit which measures a Trainer's progression in Pokémon Go. Experience Points are gained by completing actions and achieving certain goals. When enough XP is gained by a player, he or she will Level Up, advancing to the next level of progression.

Why Should you gain XP?
Gaining XP is necessary for increasing your Trainer Level. Players with a higher Trainer Level will be able to capture more powerful Pokémon. Most players seek to gain XP as quickly as possible, with the main goal of Leveling Up Fast.

Where Can you Gain XP?
There are a variety of ways to earn Experience Points in Pokémon Go. Some of the best ways to earn XP include Capturing Pokémon, Winning Battles at Gyms, Visiting Pokéstops, Hatching Eggs and Evolving Pokémon.

Note: You will also gain bonus XP for certain achievements such as Capturing a New Pokémon.

The following chart lists the amount of XP awarded for each action/accomplishment:

Action RequiredXP GainedDescription
Curveball Bonus10Awarded for Spinning the Pokéball before Capturing it.
Nice Throw! Bonus10Awarded for Capturing a Pokémon.
Great Throw! Bonus50Awarded for Capturing a Pokémon when Capture circle is small.
Pokéstop Interaction50Awarded for Interacting with a Pokéstop (Not on Cooldown).
Defeat Pokémon Training50XP is gained for each Pokémon defeated at friendly Gym. Less awarded for attack with a high CP Pokémon .
Defeat Every Pokémon at a Gym50Awarded for defeating every defending Pokémon at a Gym.
Excellent Throw! Bonus100Awarded for Capturing a Pokémon when Capture circle is smallest.
Capture Pokémon100Capture any Pokémon.
Catch 100th Pokémon of a Species100Awarded for capturing 100 of a single species of Pokémon
Defeat Pokémon at Gym100XP is gained for each Pokémon defeated at enemy Gym.
Hatch a 2 km Egg200Hatch an Egg (2 km)
Hatch Pokémon200Hatch an Egg by traveling the required distance.
Hatch a 5 km Egg500Hatch an Egg (5 km)
Capture a New Pokémon500Capture any Pokémon,
Evolve a Pokémon500Evolve any Pokémon.
Hatch a 10 km Egg1000Hatch an Egg (10 km)


Anonymous said...

2 quick comments:
-Nice Throw isn't awarded for every capture. I believe you get it if you put the Pokeball inside the grey circle.

-Curveball was left off the list. If you give a Pokeball enough spin, it'll curve, netting you a Pokemon and an additional 100 xp.

Anonymous said...

Yesterday while catching pokemon that I already have, at 2 random time I got a bonus 100 xp after catching pokemon. On the xp list it was titled bonus. Never seen that before and did not do it for only the two times. Im lvl 19 and this is the first I've seen it. Anyone else get this?

Anonymous said...

I've heard that if you catch 100 of a certain Pokemon that you get bonus XP per additional one of the same Pokemon that you catch

Anonymous said...

I've gotten this unidentified "Bonus" (100xp) also when capturing a pokemon. It was a rattata, so it wasn't new. I'm really curious to find out why i got it.

Anonymous said...

You get extra XP when you hit the green/orange/red shrinking circle. 10XP when it's very big, 50XP when it's medium and 100XP when it's very small. But of course, it's harder to hit when it's smaller.

Anonymous said...

You forgot to mention arguably the most important reason to be higher level: your Pokemon have higher level caps based on your level. A Pokemon that caps at 590 at lvl 9 might go to 1300 at lvl 17 etc. Max CP for a species is based on its cap when the player is level 40 (the current max)

Anonymous said...

XP for eggs is 100 per km, so 5km eggs give 500 and 10km eggs give 1000

Ash Ketchum distant cousin said...

While capturing a pokemon, landing a hit in the pokemon's eye will give you a 'blinded bonus'. This makes it easier to catch, by reducing it ability to dodge, and will award the trainer a 100 XP bonus for crippling the pocket monster. It's tough to pull off but is possible with practice. I find it easier if you use the curve ball method mentioned above, but still it can be quite difficult. I personally have only managed to do it once.

Anonymous said...

If every form of XP you earn ends with '0' then it'd be impossible odd XP. For example, I'm currently 30,623/75,000. I've been told that walking earns you a small amount of XP.
Also, there's the small amount of XP given by completing a medal. c:

David Dutton said...

Xp for throws has been removed as of 1.1.1 on iOS throws now determine higher caputure rate or if they flee

Anonymous said...

I just got the 100xp bonus for catching a Pidgey. Here's the thing: I've caught 100's (perhaps 1000's) of Pidgeys. Which means it's only only the first 100 (which seems to be implied) but EVERY 100th catch of the same kind. That's good to know! Nothing game-breaking, but it does equate to several thousand extra xp in the long run.

Anonymous said...

I dont know how but I have an odd amount of experience points I have 89505 exp but all things give even exp. How is it possible?

evan ashline said...

One way you're getting odd xp is from training at gyms

Theresa Gerritsen said...

This is no longer accurate. Can you update for us please? For instance, I don't believe there is an award for excellent throw for the small circle with the new update. Great throw in the middle colored circle gets 50xp and nice throw somewhere in the colored circle gets you 10 xp.

Anonymous said...

It is accurate again. The latest update fixed the bug that prevented getting those points.

Anonymous said...

I received the 100xp excellent throw bonus earlier today +Theresa Gerritsen

dtungsten said...

You get 25 XP when a Pokémon runs away.

Anonymous said...

Odd xp from gym training.

Honza K said...

yesterday, i got 13 243xp. No gym training. what this 3xp?

Anonymous said...

You get +100 XP instead of +50 on pokestop interaction if it gives you 6 or more items

Anonymous said...

The 100 xp instead of 50 when getting 6 or more items is because you spun 10 different pokestops within a time limit (most people say around 30 minutes, but i havent found an exact number yet).

Anonymous said...

I've been getting 25xp when a Pokémon puffs away.

Anonymous said...

you got xp visiting new country monument ,just for visiting not pokestop spinning

Ronnie said...

What the hell is wrong with this game? I have walked 7.5 miles and not 1 egg hatched! Completely shut down game and phone numerous times, reinstalled the dam thing, and still I am unable to log more than .7km for every 7.5 I walk. Needs to be fixed

Thaduchesss said...

I'm not positive this could've caused and/or been your "mileage" problem but:
1. That might have been the "Easter bonus week" where they (supposedly) put a cap on the applicable Km.
2. Maybe you're using some other program or something which is measuring your miles, instead of the kilometers,
which the game (as well as most other countries) uses to calculate distance.
If this is the case, you are possibly meaning 7.5 miles for .7 km.
Too tired to do the actual math on that that's just more likely how that conversion Is gonna go.
3. If you meant to say .7 km for every 7.5 km (as opposed to mi)
and you're continuing to have the same issue, as far as I know there is no longer a cap on your distance.
So you're probably going to need a new phone-er an updated version of…everything ?

AmandaDub said...

You get odd number XP for a few reasons. One that hasn't been mentioned here(@least not that I've seen) is that you get 75 points for visiting an enemy gym, but you get 94 points if it is a team gym. Another way to earn points is by feeding Pokemon berries while they are in a only get 20 points per berry, but hey. You also get 25 points for attempting to catch a Pokemon but it runs away. In general,the most XP you can get catching a Pokemon (not a new one)is 260. 100 for the catch, 100 for excellent throw, 10 for curve ball, and one that hasn't been mentioned is you also get an extra 50 if you catch it on your first throw. I have occasionally received bonus points if I have to end up using like 8 or so balls to catch it. You also receive extra points for the first Pokemon you catch for the day and it increases until day 7. Same goes for first pokestop you visit for the day. You really want to try to visit at least one pokestop a day, because it's on day 7 that you receive a special power up item. I may be forgetting somethings, and if so please let me know... I'm on level 35 and it seems to be taking forever to level up again, and the main things I use my coins on are lucky eggs and incubators. also get 3000 or 3500 points if you win a raid.

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