Pokestops are real world locations that can be visited by players in Pokemon Go. Pokestops are shown on a player's map, denoted by a floating Pokeball type marker.

Pokestop Pokemon Go
By visiting Pokestops and "spinning" the Pokeball marker, the Pokestop can drop a variety of items. Players will want to travel to Pokestops as often as possible to gain XP and collect items such as Pokeballs, Eggs, Max Revives, etc.

Players will also earn achievements for visiting a certain number of Pokestops.

Pokestop Pokemon Go Pokeballs
A Pokestop can be visited many times, but there is a cooldown period for each Pokestop. During this period, a Pokestop will not dispense any items. Once the cooldown period is over, a player may travel to that Pokestop and collect items once again.

Standard Pokeballs can be found much more often at Pokestops when compared to the limited drop rates of Master Balls, Eggs and Max Revives.
Pokestop Pokemon Go
Pokestops are readily available in all locations, even in those areas that are more rural. Pokestops are commonly found while Gyms are more rare.


Dan Jones said...

You should add information about modules to this page.

Anonymous said...

"Pokestops are readily available in all locations, even in those areas that are more rural."
The maps like Mapokemon for Pokestops show nothing for any of the towns/cities I live/work in. So I don't know if nobody has bothered to add to the map or we're "too" rural to count.
I had to order a new phone (in my defense it is 5+ years old and nothing else works as well) and still haven't gotten it, so I can't test it personally, but my coworkers have said their places of residence have little to no Pokestops or Gyms.
There is one town but it's way too far away to bike, so I'd have to drive there and THEN bike/walk around.
This saddens me.

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