Power Up

Power Up in Pokémon Go refers to the action of permanently increasing the CP (Combat Points) and HP (Health Points) of a captured Pokémon.

Powered Up Pokémon will have increased Stats and therefore will perform better than weaker Pokémon (lower CP and HP) in Battles at Gyms. To Power Up a Pokémon, players will need to collect Candy and Stardust. These two forms of currency can be acquired through capturing wild Pokémon and hatching Eggs.

While Candy and Stardust are both required to Power Up a Pokémon, the amount of Stardust needed is much more than that of Candy.

Candy is mainly used to Evolve a Pokémon into more powerful species of Pokémon, while Stardust will train the current species Pokémon without changing its form.

To Power Up a Pokémon, follow these Steps:
#1. In Map View, touch the Main Menu.
#2. Touch Pokémon.
#3. Select a Pokémon to Power Up from your collection of Pokémon.
#4. In the Pokémon Information page, touch Power Up.

To Find Out How Much Stardust and Candy is Required to Power Up a Specific Pokémon, follow these Steps:
#1. In Map View, touch the Main Menu.
#2. Touch Pokémon.
#3. Select a Pokémon to Power Up from your collection of Pokémon.
#4. The amount of Candy and Stardust required to Power Up will be displayed on the Pokémon information screen (as shown in the picture above). Press Power Up to increase the stats of that particular Pokémon .

Note: If you choose to Evolve your Pokémon its Power will increase, and it will evolve into a different species of Pokémon. If you wish to keep the same Pokémon and train it without changing form, make sure to press Power Up. However, either option will increase the HP and CP of that Pokémon.

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Andy said...

Does the increase from evolving a pokemon relate to how much you have powered it up before evolving ?

Basically is it better to power up a pokemon fully before evolving it?

Anonymous said...

Same question.

Anonymous said...

From the very little data I've seen, yes, powering a Pokémon up before evolving it does give a stronget evolution.

Sorin Thirkness said...

Once a Pokemon's leveled up enough and that bar is filled up, what happens? :o I have a Ryhorn that is gonna be full bar soon but idk if it means anything.

Brandon Smith said...

Is it worth doing a power up? Does it actually increase the amount to where it's worth doing it?

Unknown said...

When health is low from battle, is a good time to power up because it will also fill the health.

Anonymous said...

Is the cost of stardust depend on CP or how many times you've leveled it?

Anonymous said...

^^^^ This is similar to my question.
I've had multiple of the same pokemon,
can't remember which one now, very close
in cp level, but the power up on one was 200
stardust and the power up on the other was 1000
stardust. Does the cost effect how much they
Also, They seem to be consistent that if you
power up once and they gain 20cp then they'll
gain 20 cp every time. Is this correct?

Anonymous said...

Try this explanation:

Anonymous said...

How many times can we power up a pokemon? Have a limit?

Anonymous said...

Is there a way to find out how much a pokemon's cp and hp will increase by when it's powered up?

Pokemon Go DB said...

See this chart here:

Anonymous said...

What pokemon do you refer to power up, the one thay gave you as first pokemon or the one you catch?

Anonymous said...

There is an app called Pokedex. (Look up evolution Pokémon go) this will show you all the Pokémon, give you some stats on each, catch rate and flee rate, and allow you to input current CP and see the range of CP the evolved Pokémon will be if you evolve it. It also shows how many candies required to evolve, how far you have to walk to hatch it's egg (so you know you won't get a Pikachu from an egg that requires 5 or 10km)

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