Hit Points (HP)

HP stands for Hit Points/Health Points and represents the maximum amount of damage a Pokémon can take in battle before fainting. During Gym battles the HP of both the attacking and defending Pokémon is shown in the form of a Health Bar. This is shown above the Stamina (Energy) bar.

Pokémon of the same species may have different amount of HP. For example, a player may have one Pikachu with 33 HP and another with 35 HP. Health Points are important, as Pokémon with higher levels of HP and CP will statistically perform better while attacking or defending at Gyms.

As long as a Pokémon has not fainted, its HP can be replenished by using Potions. Potions are items that can be found at Pokéstops and restores HP with the amount dependent on the type of Potion used.

Each Pokemon's HP is determined by its base stat Stamina. Check out Pokemon sorted by Stamina for more information.


Michael Ott said...

Please revise; the first 3 potions restore a set number of points (20, 50, and 200) and Max potions restore all HP. There is no potion to heal 25%.

SunnyTheFrog said...

The list of pokemons does NOT sortt itself in HP sequence, even if HP is selected. It still lists in CP order. Please fix it!

Pokemon Go Database said...

Check out Pokemon by Stamina. This determines a Pokemon's HP.


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