Get Pikachu as Your Starter!!!

Like many people, I wish I had known that you can get Pikachu as your starter in Pokémon Go. When you first start the game you will see Bulbasaur, Charmander and Squirtle near your Trainer. Most player's first instinct is to choose their favorite one immediately (Mine was).

However, if you want Pikachu as your starter follow these simple steps:

#1. Instead of tapping on one of these three, walk away from them.

#2. Keep walking away from them and you will see that they disappear and then reappear near your Trainer.  Do this four times.

#3. Once you have done this four times, continue walking and the fifth time Pikachu will pop up on your map along with the other three starter Pokémon.

#4. Tap on Pikachu to start the encounter and throw a Pokéball at the Pikachu to capture it.

#5. Congratulations you now have started Pokémon Go with a brand new Pikachu!

If you know anyone who may just be installing the game, share this with them before they choose their starter!


Anonymous said...

When I started I swear I only had Squirtle and Charmander to choose from. Anyone else get it the first day and see that? Mayyyybe I missed bulbosaur, but I doubt it...

Ivory Russell said...

I only saw bulbosaur. There was no other pokemon for me. I'm not upset about I just wish I had seen this before.

mudkipslover said...

ok, i got pikachu. but to evolve it, I need pikachu candy. where do I get pikachu candy? there are no pikachu running around to capture!

Anonymous said...

Same i only found bulbasor. Do they come together or do you have to walk more to find each one?

Prtap22 said...

Personally I think it's a bad idea. Do not choose pikachu. You won't find many pikachu candies. Instead there are many bulbasour (I don't know the spelling) around here in India so it's easier to evolve them

Anonymous said...

All I kept finding is Weedles and Pidgies in Wisconsin, USA...

Anonymous said...

Why, I can't find anything in the boonies!

Anonymous said...

I would choose bulbasaur. There are a lot of bulbasaurs in my area (San Francisco), or at least a lot more than pikachu and charmander. There is also a decent amount of squirtle here.

LUCK said...


Anonymous said...

I got Bulbasaur (North West England) and have seen none since. Caught a few Squirtle (enough to evolve Wartortle) and a couple of Pikachu and Charmander though


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