Pound (Move)

The target is physically pounded with a long tail, a foreleg, or the like.
Pound StatsMove Lists
Move Type:
All Moves
Category:Fast Fast Moves
Power:7Charge Moves
Cooldown (seconds):0.54 secRankings (DPS)
Energy per Use:7
Damage per Second (DPS):13.0
DPS (w/ STAB):16.2
Pound Rankings
Fast Move Rank (DPS):#29
Fast Move Rank (w/ STAB):#8
Overall Rank (DPS):#149
Overall Rank (w/ STAB)#96
Pound Offensive Type Effectiveness
Pound is Super Effective Against the Following Types:
XPound is Not Very Effective Against the Following Types:
Pokemon Capable of Using Pound
Pound may be included in the moveset of the following Pokemon:
NamePicType 1Type 2


pzzdm said...

Pound is not super effective against anything. Rarely use the pokemon that uses it.

ISBPathfinder said...

Pound is amazing. There are incredibly few good pokemon that are good against water and while Pound wont get in on strengths or weaknesses on water pokemon its a better move than any of water's weakness basic attacks.

If you compare Pound to Water Gun, Pound is a better move. Its true that it does not get the strengths and weaknesses but as it stands nobody is using the pokemon that are weak to water in gyms because they just crumble too easily.

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