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Pokedex Entry #242: Blissey is a Normal Type Pokemon. It evolves from Chansey.
Blissey senses sadness with its fluffy coat of fur. If it does so, this Pokémon will rush over to a sad person, no matter how far away, to share a Lucky Egg that brings a smile to any face.
Species:Happiness Pokémon
Height:4′11″ (1.50m)
Weight:103.2 lbs (46.8 kg)
Blissey Base StatsBlissey Stat Rankings
Stamina:510Stamina:# 1
Attack:129Attack:# 169
Defense:229Defense:# 15
Max CP:3219CP:# 13
Overall:# 33
Blissey Moves
Blissey Fast Moves:Blissey Charge Moves:
PoundZen HeadbuttDazzling GleamHyper BeamPsychic
Cooldown:0.6 sec1.1 secCooldown:3.5 sec3.8 sec2.8 sec
w/ STAB:14.610.9w/ STAB:28.649.335.7
Ideal Moveset for Blissey:
Move:PoundHyper Beam
Category:Fast Charge
DPS (w/ STAB):14.649.3
Rank (w/ STAB):#14#13
Overall Rank:#239#51
*Blissey Legacy Moves
Legacy Fast Moves:Legacy Charge Moves:
w/ STAB:w/ STAB:
*Blissey acquired before update may have a Legacy Move listed above. However, Legacy moves are no longer obtainable.
Blissey Locations
Normal Offensive Type Effectiveness
Normal Type Moves are Super Effective Against:
XNormal Type Moves are Not Very Effective Against:
Normal Defensive Type Effectiveness
These Types are Not Very Effective Against Normal Pokemon:
XThese Types are Super Effective Against Normal Pokemon:
Blissey Evolution
Blissey Evolves FromBlisseyEvolves Into
Candy Required for Evolution-
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Anonymous said...

Blissey Max CP : 3219

Zen Headbutt

Dazzling Gleam

Will said...

Evolved my 98% IV Chansey, was at like a 1235, after evolution it is now a 2743 and is an absolute TANK!! 385 HP. Crappy moveset with Pound and Dazzling Gleam, but should still time-out opponents in battle.

Jordan Marsh said...

Evolved my 1083 Chansey into 2605 Blissey. Pound/Dazzling Gleam. Dazzling Gleam got an nice buff. I timed out before I could beat it in a gym :)

Anonymous said...

Fast moves - zen headbutt and pound
Slow move - dazzling gleam, headbutt, and psychic

Anonymous said...

Fought against one of these. It had 2500+ CP. Very tough to beat within the time limit. Normal type with Psychic as charge move, so not a lot you can do to gain advantage. I was able to take it out with a 2200 Exeggcutor and a 2400 Vaporeon but it took about 80 seconds.

Anonymous said...

Zen headbutt, dazzling gleam

jrm photography said...
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Anonymous said...

saw a 2255 cp blissey on a gym today. mine is currently 1215 cp with pound and psychic.

Anonymous said...

Evolved one with Zen Headbutt and Dazzling Gleam

Anonymous said...

Mine has Zen Headbutt and Dazzling Gleam

Anonymous said...

Got a Blissey with zen headbutt (12) and hyper beam (150)

Anonymous said...

Mine has Pound en Dazzling Gleam

Chuksum said...

I've got one with Zen headbutt and Hyper beam. Gonna put it in a gym soon and see how well it fares.

Anonymous said...

Zen Headbutt, Dazzling Gleam.

Anonymous said...

Why did I power up my chansey so much??????? So dumb

Anonymous said...

Wow on that HP of this one

Mine got Pound (normal 8) and Dazzling Gleam (fairy? 100)

HP = 367 !

Up it to CP2489 until I ran out of Candy

Anonymous said...

one of the first things i did after gen II launched was evolve my best chansey.

cp1830 with pound/hyper beam, 15/14/12 IV, was not disappointed. literally wigglytuff on steroids, even if pound had lost some of its effectiveness from when the quick moves became slower.
niantic has created a monster, giving this thing psychic and fairy moves to counter fighting types with on top of a high cp ceiling...

Anonymous said...

My Blissey has POUND and HYPERBEAM

Angry Jim said...

Just evolved mine with two STAB moves no less :)

Pound - 8
Hyper Beam - 150

George said...

About the only way to beat this pokemon in a gym (when it's developed) it to have another pokemon with a STAB of at least 150. Solar Beam & Moon blast are the two that come off the top of my head. I've only managed to beat them using exeggutors so far since they are resistant to psychic moves and are able to dish out the damage before the timer runs out. Still a challenge, though - the blisseys can still deal enough damage to take out one of them and I've had more than one battle time out on me.

Anonymous said...

my town got flooded with yellows over president's day weekend, and at least one of them had a blissey of some cp22xx with zen headbutt/dazzling gleam.
my vaporeon did a fine job handling it with just avoiding the d-gleams. that was back when they made the quick moves slow however. with them fast again, there should be more things that can take on blissey now.

Steve said...

Just evolved a 93% IV (15/13/14) Blissey today with Zen Headbutt/Dazzling Gleam :D.

Anonymous said...

What is the best move set to power up for this hoss? Mine is zen head butt hyperbeam, but have a much more impressive girl with perfect defense and health. 64 candies, what's my play, power up or evolve?

Anonymous said...

I got one with 1550 CP with the best moves pound and hyper beam that i could defeat 3035 CP dragonite . this is vrey beautiful

Anonymous said...

I got two of those with ZH-Psychic (CP3163) and Pound-HB (CP3135) - the first is much better, simply because Psychic is hard to dodge. Pound/HB is a bit useless on defense despite STAB because this is not a gym attacker. Funnily, both are typically the last ones standing in gyms because low level trainers cannot defeat them with their mons ;-)

Anonymous said...

my strategy to beat Blisseys:

For the ones with zen headbutt, I use espeon or alakazam (cp2400+). They have high attacks and resists phychic moves. It usually takes one to beat one.

For the ones with pound, I use ryhdon (cp 2700, rock smash+stone edge) or machamp (cp 2300, counter+close combat), they resist normal attacks and nice stab for additional damage

Either way is a pain to fight a biasey... snorlax seems so easy to deal with right now ...

Shane said...

Just evolved my 93.3% Blissey which I named Pissey, what it will cause people to be when their time is up. Has pound and Psychic. Nobody will survive this beast when fully leveled up. BEWARE PEOPLE! Pissey is coming to a gym near yoU!

Anonymous said...

blissey is even more of a threat now, after the recent update turned gyms into such a slog that dodges aren't being properly detected - usually it'll briefly display the no-dodge damage before changing it to the proper dodged damage.
but if the resulting no-dodge damage were to knock out the pkmn but not the dodged damage, it'll fake-faint, resulting in a switch loop. except this glitch seems to occur more often than before.

even my exeggutor struggles to solo them now.
now it's a joint effort between some of my heavy hitters.

Anonymous said...

Blissey hard to take down, starting employing a strategy to break down team unity and to simply annoy - it seems to have an effect. I target gyms with Blissey on lvl 3 or 4, and knock the fame down just above the lvl the Blissey is on. Forces team with gym to train against Blissey for fame. either they throw week ones at Blissey for high fame and fail, or use their strong ones and win for low fame. Local opponent (in regional area, 20 something gyms), has reduced their use of Blissey, gyms are now much easier to take down again.

Anonymous said...

Evolved one of my "Wonder" Chansey that originally had Psychic. Walked out with a Pound/Hyper Beam Blissey!! Woot! One of the few viable Pokemon I have with the most ideal moveset :D

It's at 2738CP now and still not maxed, but I never see wild Chansey so I put Blissey on a gym finally while I wait for more Chansey candy to come in. Time to see if I make some nice profit after keeping Blissey off the market for weeks.

Anonymous said...

I Went against a 3100 blissey and dayum I beat it with about 15 seconds left. The only thing I could use was a 3100 Dragonite with dragon breath and dragon claw (which works very well)

Anonymous said...

Oh no, saw a gym with 9 of this crazy fatso, all of them 2700+ , no idea of what to do to fight them! Maybe I can use the big brown bear ursaring with counter and close combat to fight them...

Anonymous said...

I evolved my 97 iv 1459 chansey into a 3109 cp blissey with pound and hyper beam. Thought its moveset was sucky...

Brianne K said...

I think Blissey demonstrates the weakness of this site's formula to decide the best moveset. The best charge move is supposed to be Hyper Beam, but anyone who's fought a good number of Blisseys can tell you that Blissey's most dreaded move is DAZZLING GLEAM. It spams that move like it's putting on a light show, it's tough to dodge if you're trying not to time out, and it hurts like hell even without STAB.

Anonymous said...

Blissey seems to be weaker after the update.
Even a Level 25er was able to beat my 2943 Blissey IV 85. No way before.

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