Iron Head (Move)

The user slams the target with its steel-hard head.
Iron Head StatsMove Lists
Move Type:
All Moves
Category:Charge Fast Moves
Power:30Charge Moves
Cooldown (seconds):2 secRankings (DPS)
Energy per Use:-33
Damage per Second (DPS):15.0
DPS (w/ STAB):18.8
Iron Head Rankings
Charge Move Rank (DPS):#67
Charge Move Rank (w/ STAB):#49
Overall Rank (DPS):#103
Overall Rank (w/ STAB)#71
Iron Head Offensive Type Effectiveness
Iron Head is Super Effective Against the Following Types:
XIron Head is Not Very Effective Against the Following Types:
Pokemon Capable of Using Iron Head
Iron Head may be included in the moveset of the following Pokemon:
NamePicType 1Type 2

1 comment :

Steve said...

I have an Aerodactyl with Iron Head for its special move. I have to say, I'm a bit puzzled by the animation that Niantic gave Aerodactyl for the move. It looks like it's firing an energy blast from its move instead of a tackle/headbutt like how it's described and portrayed in the anime but Idk, I think it works.

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