Announcement: Power of 75 Different Moves Adjusted (July 29, 2016)

On July 29, 2016 Niantic changed the Power levels of 75 different Moves in order to help balance Gym battles. Out of the total 75 Moves that were changed, 55 were Charge Moves and 20 were Fast Moves.

Out of the 55 Charge Moves, 50 Moves saw a Power increase and only 5 Moves saw a Power decrease.

Out of the 20 Fast Moves, 6 Moves saw a Power Increase and 14 Moves saw a Power decrease.

The following charts show all 75 Moves with the +/- power change from the recent update. The site will be updated with these changes within the next week. Thank you for all of your comments about the recent update.

Charge Move ChangesFast Move Changes
NameOld PowerNew PowerPower +/-NameOld PowerNew PowerPower +/-
Hyper Beam7012050Bubble152510
Solar Beam7012050Rock Smash51510
Blizzard6010040Mud Slap6159
Fire Blast6010040Fire Fang7103
Thunder6510035Ice Shard12153
Hydro Pump609030Bug Bite65-1
Bug Buzz507525Pound87-1
Megahorn558025Frost Breath129-3
Moonblast608525Poison Jab1512-3
Stone Edge558025Vine Whip107-3
Heat Wave608020Wing Attack129-3
Hurricane608020Zen Headbutt1512-3
Dig557015Metal Claw128-4
Dragon Pulse506515Scratch106-4
Ice Beam506515Water Gun106-4
Petal Blizzard506515Lick105-5
Aqua Jet152510Shadow Claw1611-5
Dazzling Gleam455510Mud Shot126-6
Draining Kiss152510Psycho Cut157-8
Drill Peck304010
Drill Run405010
Icy Wind152510
Leaf Blade455510
Power Whip607010
Seed Bomb304010
Sludge Wave607010
Aerial Ace25305
Air Cutter25305
Ancient Power30355
Bubble Beam25305
Cross Chop55605
Cross Poison20255
Fire Punch35405
Flame Wheel35405
Flash Cannon55605
Gunk Shot60655
Mud Bomb25305
Night Slash25305
Ominous Wind25305
Play Rough50555
Sludge Bomb50555
Water Pulse30355
Aqua Tail5045-5
Dragon Claw4035-5
Body Slam5040-10
Iron Head4030-10


Anonymous said...

When will all the eps and dps charts be updated to reflect the changes?

Pokemon Go DB said...

All have been updated. Thanks.

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