Training in Pokémon Go refers to the act of Battling one's Pokémon at a friendly Gym. The defending Pokémon will be owned by either the person Training or by a Teammate. The purpose of Training is to win the battle in order to earn XP for your Trainer and Prestige for your Gym. 

How to Train at an Enemy/Neutral Gym
In order to Train at a Gym that is owned by another Team, you must first defeat that Gym until has Prestige. Once a Gym loses all Prestige it will become Neutral. To capture the Gym, simply deploy one of your Pokémon to Defend the Gym. The Gym will then change into the color of your Team.

How to Train at a Friendly Gym
Once a Gym is captured by your Team, visit the Gym and choose your best Pokémon to use in battle. Using Moves and Dodge the goal is to deal damage to the defending Pokémon to reduce its HP to zero. 

After successfully winning the Training battle, you will earn Trainer XP and Prestige for your Team's Gym. The more Training a Team does at a particular Gym, the faster that Gym will Level Up. Higher Level Gyms are generally more difficult for opposing Teams to capture. 

Training Tips
- Train against defending Pokémon with lower CP to maximize total XP and Prestige Gains. 
- Use Moves that are Super Effective against the Type of Pokémon you are battling against. 
- Team Up with players and Train at the same time in order to speed up the rate of Prestige Gain.


xKeybladeMaster said...

Will your pokemon lose HP ans/or faint during these battles? I know they do at an enemy's gym, but I am not sure if they do at a friendly gym.

Münferit Fikir said...

Yes, it does. You lose your hp.

Anonymous said...

How do you train at a friendly gym? When I click on a gymp, it comes up with the players and their Pokemon, but what do you do from there? I can't figure out how to battle...

TotallyAbtFashion said...

Just enter and battle. You're given a selection of Pokemon to take (6 ), tag the glove, ring sets up and you're ready to battle.

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