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Pokedex Entry #214: Heracross is a Bug/Fighting Type Pokemon. It has no Evolution.
Heracross charges in a straight line at its foe, slips beneath the foe's grasp, and then scoops up and hurls the opponent with its mighty horn. This Pokémon even has enough power to topple a massive tree.
Species:Single Horn Pokémon
Height:4′11″ (1.50m)
Weight:119 lbs (54.0 kg)
Heracross Base StatsHeracross Stat Rankings
Stamina:160Stamina:# 59
Attack:234Attack:# 18
Defense:189Defense:# 62
Max CP:2938CP:# 19
Overall:# 20
Heracross Moves
Heracross Fast Moves:Heracross Charge Moves:
CounterStruggle BugClose CombatEarthquakeMegahorn
Cooldown:0.9 sec1.5 secCooldown:2.3 sec3.6 sec2.2 sec
w/ STAB:16.712.5w/ STAB:54.433.351.1
Ideal Moveset for Heracross:
Move:CounterClose Combat
Category:Fast Charge
DPS (w/ STAB):16.754.4
Rank (w/ STAB):#20#3
Overall Rank:#245#24
*Heracross Legacy Moves
Legacy Fast Moves:Legacy Charge Moves:
w/ STAB:w/ STAB:
*Heracross acquired before update may have a Legacy Move listed above. However, Legacy moves are no longer obtainable.
Heracross Locations
10.0 km Egg
Bug Offensive Type Effectiveness
Bug Type Moves are Super Effective Against:
XBug Type Moves are Not Very Effective Against:
Bug Defensive Type Effectiveness
These Types are Not Very Effective Against Bug Pokemon:
XThese Types are Super Effective Against Bug Pokemon:
Fighting Offensive Type Effectiveness
Fighting Type Moves are Super Effective Against:
XFighting Type Moves are Not Very Effective Against:
Fighting Defensive Type Effectiveness
These Types are Not Very Effective Against Fighting Pokemon:
XThese Types are Super Effective Against Fighting Pokemon:
Heracross Evolution
Heracross Evolves FromHeracrossEvolves Into
-Candy Required for Evolution-
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McMouseface said...

What an amazing pokemon to attack gyms with! Kills every tyranitar so easily, also very good against blissey and snorlax! Too bad they are so rare!

David M said...

I caught a bunch on vacation to Tampa and Orlando! Didn't realize they were so rare until I got back home and haven't seen one since.

Anonymous said...

Oh man, I love me some Heracross! Such an awesome Pokemon! Can't wait to get my hands on one... or 6. I'm in desperate need of a Fighting type and if I get a high IV one with both Counter and CC, I might cry!

lucas said...

It is not rare, it is just a exclusive pokemon, it is pretty common here in Brazil, more common than pinsir or scyther, in one day you can easily catch 10 or more heracross.

Unknown said...

Nice Pokemon I have one with 2600 cp with counter and close combat......It's awesome.......For tyranitar killer.....

Unknown said...

I have one with counter and close combat with 2600 cp it's awesome as a tyranitar killer

Anonymous said...

I can get a heracross for you! Are you interested? Send me an e-mail! More information:

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