Badges (Achievements)

Badges in Pokémon Go refer to achievements that can be earned by a player for meeting certain goals/milestones. Some examples of these achievements include capturing a required number of Pokémon or winning a certain number of battles or even walking a certain total distance. There are many different Badges to earn in Pokémon Go.

Earned Badges and requirements for unearned badges are displayed in the Trainer's profile.

The following chart contains the Badges (Achievements) and requirements needed to acquire each one. Some can be achieved by traveling and capturing Pokemon, while others can be earned by Battling at Gyms.

Badge NameDescriptionBronzeSilverGold
JoggerTravel Km10 km100 km1000 km
KantoPokedex Entries550100
CollectorCapture Total305002000
ScientistEvolved Total320200
BreederHatched Total10100500
BackpackerPokestops Visited10010002000
FishermanCapture Magikarp350300
Battle GirlBattle Attack Won101001000
Ace TrainerBattle Training Won101001000
SchoolkidNormal Type Pokémon1050200
Black BeltFighting Type Pokémon1050200
Bird KeeperCapture Flying Type Pokémon1050200
Punk GirlCapture Poison Type Pokémon1050200
Ruin ManiacCapture Ground Type Pokémon1050200
HikerCapture Rock Type Pokémon1050200
Bug CatcherCapture Bug Type Pokémon1050200
Hex ManiacCapture Ghost Type Pokémon1050200
Depot AgentCapture Steel Type Pokémon1050200
KindlerCapture Fire Type Pokémon1050200
SwimmerCapture Water Type Pokémon1050200
GardenerCapture Grass Type Pokémon1050200
RockerCapture Electric Type Pokémon1050200
PsychicCapture Psychic Type Pokémon1050200
SkierCapture Ice Type Pokémon1050200
Dragon TamerCapture Dragon Type Pokémon1050200
Fairy Tale GirlCapture Fairy Type Pokémon1050200
???Capture Dark Type Pokémon1050200
YoungsterCapture Tiny Rattatas350300
Pikachu FanCapture Pikachu350300


Unknown said...

Do you accumulate points for any of these achievements?

Chris said...

"Fisher" for catching Magickarps, though I think it needs to be a certain size.

Kelibath said...

Specifically, Fisherman is for catching XL weight Magikarp, in the same way that Youngster requires the capture of XS ("tiny") Rattata. I'm not sure if these need to be of a set weight or height or if they just need the XL/XS modifier, and whether height counts at all.

Snagger2244 said...

Why the hell are they called "Battle Girl" and "Punk Girl"? Seems sort of sexist, why are there no "XXX Boy"s? Does Niantic really need to go all PC on us and have "Battle Girl" all over the place? How about "Battle Trainer" and "Punk Trainer"? Ridiculous...

Unknown said...

It's because in the original game, the random trainers were based on those names. And it changed to what type of pokemon you would face from them. Bird keeper believe it or not had flying type, Fisher would have water so on and so forth

MechaMew2 said...

Someone's male privilege is showing...

Techreus said...

Snagger, in the games those corresponded to the gym leaders.

Unknown said...

lol, who cares about some petty badge titles. It's not even sexist.

Unknown said...

I'm having an issue I have 3 growlitjs when I caught my third it gave me the Kindle badge but not giving me credit for all my dragon type! I have 2 dratini and and a charmander and isn't showing 3 dragons :/

Anonymous said...

Charmander is fire type, not dragon.

Anonymous said...

Jonathan charmander is labeled as a fire pokemon and not a dragon pokemon that's why it's not counting 3 dragons.

Anonymous said...

It's about not being sexist because other achievements are called "fisherman" for example so they chose to go with battle girl to make it equal.
That being said, it's not sexist but pretty pathetic

Unknown said...

Wait, it says battle girl regardless of what player character model you chose at the start? Huh? I figured it was "battle boy" or something if you chose the more masculine model and came here to see if that was the case but this is more confusing than anything else I had expected

Anonymous said...

No, your starter doesn't count in any of the achievements anyways... Charmander in mine doesn't count either since my first Fire Pokémon was Magmar which got me an achievenem t in Kindler. Charmander was not listed in there and still isn't.

Unknown said...

Please multiple the number of items in pokestop

Unknown said...

I think you should get perks for obtaining certain badges like the breeder badge.If you hatch 500 eggs then you should hatch more rare type pokemon.

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