Pokecoins are in-game currency in Pokemon Go, which allow players to purchase items and upgrades at the Pokémart.

How to Acquire Pokecoins
Pokecoins can be earned by placing Pokémon at friendly Gyms to defend. Your bonus can then be collected by going to the Shop from the Main Menu and clicking on the shield looking icon in the top right of your screen.

Once the bonus is collected a cooldown timer begins counting down. When the timer reaches zero you will be able to collect the bonus again. Pokecoins can also be purchased at the in-game store for real money.

What Can I Buy With Pokecoins 
Pokecoins can be used to purchase inventory upgrades and other useful items such as Pokeballs, XP Boosts, Medicine, etc.

Pokemart (Spend those Pokecoins!)

Inventory Upgrade (Backpack) - Increases the storage space for Items, such as Potions, Pokeballs, Revives, etc.

Inventory Upgrade (Pokemon Storage) - Increases the total number of Pokemon you can store at any given time. This is especially useful when collecting Pokemon for evolutions.

Incense - Used to attract Wild Pokemon to your current GPS location. These include Ordinary Incense, Floral Incense and Spicy Incense.

Incubator - This item will help to speed up the rate at which an Egg will hatch.

XP Boost - This item will give additional Trainer XP for in-game actions.

Disk - TBD

Revive - In addition to Max Revives, Pokecoins can be used to revive fainted Pokemon. After losing a  battle, this gives players multiple options to restore a Pokemon to full HP.

Similar to Gems in other mobile games, Pokecoins are a very useful currency in Pokemon Go, that can be purchased or collected by simply playing the game. Make sure to use Pokecoins wisely by spending them on upgrades and rare items rather than common items (Standard Pokeballs) which can easily be found at Pokestops


Micah said...

I dont think im getting the daily log in bonus of pokecoins? 🤔

SJ said...

I'm not getting it either. My current thinking is because the servers are shite at the moment? Hopefully we'll be able to earn some PokeCoin soon without having to spend real-life moolah. =/

Anonymous said...

From what I've read, you only get pokecoins if you manage to hold on to a gym for a day, whether you are the leader or one of the trainers.

Anonymous said...

Do you know any other ways to get pokecoins?
I need more than 100/day

News said...

Any other ways to get pokecoins ?

CPAKing said...

I know of a site that lets you get free pokecoins daily!!!

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