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Pokedex Entry #134: Vaporeon is a Water Type Pokemon. It evolves from Eevee.
Vaporeon underwent a spontaneous mutation and grew fins and gills that allow it to live underwater. This Pokémon has the ability to freely control water.
Species:Bubble Jet Pokémon
Height:3′3″ (0.99m)
Weight:63.9 lbs (29.0 kg)
Vaporeon Base StatsVaporeon Stat Rankings
Stamina:260Stamina:# 6
Attack:205Attack:# 48
Defense:177Defense:# 79
Max CP:3157CP:# 14
Overall:# 19
Vaporeon Moves
Vaporeon Fast Moves:Vaporeon Charge Moves:
Water Gun-Aqua TailHydro PumpWater Pulse
Cooldown:0.5 secCooldown:1.9 sec3.3 sec3.2 sec
w/ STAB:12.5w/ STAB:32.949.227.3
Ideal Moveset for Vaporeon:
Move:Water GunHydro Pump
Category:Fast Charge
DPS (w/ STAB):12.549.2
Rank (w/ STAB):#34#14
Overall Rank:#261#53
*Vaporeon Legacy Moves
Legacy Fast Moves:Legacy Charge Moves:
w/ STAB:w/ STAB:
*Vaporeon acquired before update may have a Legacy Move listed above. However, Legacy moves are no longer obtainable.
Vaporeon Locations
Water Offensive Type Effectiveness
Water Type Moves are Super Effective Against:
XWater Type Moves are Not Very Effective Against:
Water Defensive Type Effectiveness
These Types are Not Very Effective Against Water Pokemon:
XThese Types are Super Effective Against Water Pokemon:
Vaporeon Evolution
Vaporeon Evolves FromVaporeonEvolves Into
Candy Required for Evolution-
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Anonymous said...

Vaporeon may also have the water attack Charge Move "Aqua Tail"

Pokemon Go DB said...

Thank you for your comment. It has been updated!

Jolt The Amazing Tesla Pegasus said...

I'm in independence missouri. Where is a vaporeon in my location?

Anonymous said...

What determines what your eevee evolves into? Do you just get to pick? I don't think the stones are in this game.

Anonymous said...

It's determined by your team so you would get vaporeon for blue flareon for red or jolteon for yellow

Anonymous said...

Not true, I choose blue and got jolteon

Anonymous said...

I also had a vaporeon created with Water Gun and Water Pulse, loving it cuz it went from an XL/XL eevee to a XS on weight, with XL on Height, curious what this might mean in terms of stats. (in red team if that helps ^^; )

Anonymous said...

Vaporeon can also have water pulse as a move.

Anonymous said...

Vaporeon has water pulse as a charge move.

Luke Henderson said...

Whether Eevee turns into which one is determined by the abilities it has as an Eevee. Ability: Swift has highest probability for Vaporeon, Dig has highest probability for Flareon, and Body Slam has highest ability for Jolteon

Madison said...

That is also false. The evolution of which eevee you get is completely random. I had evolved 7 eevees before I got vaporeon. I also evolved all of them at my house with the same weather conditions. I evolved multiple eevees which had different attack and charge moves and got 6 jolteons in a row. Debunking the myth about their attack moves and weather/environment conditions. I choose team mystic by the way and now have each evolution of eevee and vaporeon was the one I got last. I have heard that you can catch water type Pokemon near the water so it may be possible to catch a vaporeon if you are near a body of water. Other than that I don't really know.

If you have any questions feel free to email me at:

Anonymous said...

Name your Eevee Ranier before evolving it. You'll get a Vaporeon. Worked for me! Sparky for Jolteon.

Dennis Belford said...

Nicking your Evee will determine the outcome of your evolution. Rainy for Vaporeon. Pyro for Flareon. Sparky for Jolteon. These are the names of the trainers in the pokemon show. I have had 100 percent on my evolutions. Hope this helps.

Keena Wireheart said...

My Vaporeon has Water Pulse as a charge move. (Shows 4 bars and says 30 next to it.)

Anonymous said...

Its Rainer that you name your Evee to if you want Vaporeon, not Ranier or Rainy.

Anonymous said...

"Rainer" actually evolved into a Flareon for me. I triple checked the name and everything.

Anonymous said...

How is my vaporeon 0,97 m but only 1.8 kg? I worry about him

Lief Redway said...

When you nickname your Eevee that you want to evo, either Rainer for Vaporeon, Sparky for Jolteon, or Pyro for Flareon, you have to close and restart your game to update the game files correctly. Not doing so will have you end up with a result you probably didn't want. ;)

Julian L said...

So is the best special attack based on DPS?

Julian L said...

So is the best special attack based on DPS?

Valerie Bingham said...

Actually the qay you choose an upgrade is through nock names , Sparky,Rainer,and Pyro capital letters matter

Anonymous said...

The Nicknaming is 100% effective. You must close the application once renaming and reopen AND THEN evolve.

Anonymous said...

Trainer level 20, max powered up Vaporeon (lv 20) has 1679CP and 166HP
and with her water gun moveset. Vapo is definitely the strongest water pokemon imo

Wayne Kinder said...

I've max powered Vaporeon on level 21 and she's CP1782 and HP173. She has Water Gun 10 and Water Pulse 30.
I'm also in the process of powering up another Vaporeon. She's currently at CP1413 and HP152 with Water Gun 10 and Aqua Tail 50.

alex smaamo said...

so about Minimum Cp and max cp, does that imply that at lvl 40 and fully power up, vaporeon can have less than 2800 cp ?

Siegflan said...

Im the trainer lvl 20 above^^ (was)
now I am level 21. Vaporeon can be powered up twice from when level 20
Now my CP is 1757, 170HP, water gun & Water Pulse moveset.
I see.. so even if same level can have diff value? that's.. weird..
now I feel as if my Vapo is weak orz

Wayne Kinder said...

On level 20 mine went up to CP1703 and HP170. There was a very small bit on the arc which I couldn't fill

Jacob Smith said...

Vaporeon is the best pokemon in the game at the moment, all things considered (like availability). Huge HP value, huge CP cap, amazing type advantage, and essentially two of the best, highest dps moves in the game, water gun and aqua tail. theyre both ranked fifth but if you look at the moves ranked higher theyre mostly pretty rare. water gun is beat by psycho cut (alakazam only, +6.3dps but alakazams going to have half the hp of vape and aqua tail beats his charges) mud shot (type advantage against pokemon that can learn it except kingler, poliwrath, and kabutops. poliwrath can also get hydro pump and would have decent values being a 3rd evolution, but still not as good as a vape. kabutops is viable too if it gets stone edge but still worse) lick (snorlax and lickitung, probably the two other pokemon with the best moves. snorlax also gets body slam, the best charge attack in the game and basically exclusive to him since the only other pokemon that can learn it are pre evolutions. lickitung gets power whip, the 4th best charge attack and a grass type giving him the advantage on vape, and again basically exclusive to him and tangela. tangela can also have vine whip which is one of the better basics so be is a fairly viable option.) the last basic thats better is scratch and its only available to pre evolutions. and then for the charges i already went over body slam (1) and power whip (4), leaving cross chop (2), which is crap because the pokemon that can learn it all have terrible basic attacks, and dragon claw (3) learnable by dragonite who doesnt have a great basic, and charizard who has a decent basic in wing attack but obviously is fire type. dragonite actually has type advantage on vape too, but scaled to 0.8, with vapes ridiculous HP and CP cap which im guessing are on par with dragonites, im thinking vape still takes the W honestly. oh and they didnt really come up but all the electric pokemon are pretty bad, their best basic is half the dps of water gun, and their best charge (thunderbolt) isnt even 1 full dps over aqua tail WITH type advantage. in fact there is no good basic attack combo for any of the pokemon that can learn one of the better electric abilities (thunder, thunder punch, thunderbolt, discharge). the only good grass(ish) pokemon would be tangela with vine whip/power whip and lickitung with lick/power whip. honorable mention to venusaur who would be 3rd best grassish pokemon with vine whip/sludge bomb but would probably still get wrecked by a vape... wall of text suddenly appears! wall of text attacks, crtically hitting the rest of your motivation to play pokemon go because its poorly balanced and stupid and all you need to be the best is 6 vaporeons.

Anonymous said...

Caught a Vaporeon(368CP) about three blocks down the road from my home. Caught it on the first attempt using a Razz Berry and a Great Ball. The time was a little after 10PM EST.

75 HP, Weight - 19.6kg(XS), Height - 0.77m
Skills: Water Gun(10) & Hydro Pump(60)
Trainer Level: 14

jogi said...

I heart this pokemon. I always take her along to battle and never leave behind at the gym. Quick attacks, seems more agile at dodging. I have aqua tail but rarely use it. Just quick attack and dodge. I've taken down 3100cp dragonite with my 1500 vaporion no prob.

Anonymous said...

All pokemons' special attacks have been changed. My vaporeon's aqua tail attack changed from 50 to 45. My friend says it's reflecting more of the originals.

Anonymous said...

Why the stats as stamina,atack,defense isn't show in game ? What is there importance ??

Anonymous said...

If you nickname your Eevee "Rainer" you will automatically get a Vaporeon when evolving it. It has something to do with the names of th three trainers in the storyline or something silly like that but it works.

Anonymous said...

Naming Evee as 'Rainer', closing the app and restarting it did help to get Vaporeon. So naming seems to be working.

Anonymous said...

Question : Is initial Eevee skills have any effect on the Vaporeon skill ?
Ex. Dig (70) change in to water pulse ? or swift change in to hydro pump ?

or when evolve all Vaporeon skills are random assign ?


Kayla Mackenzie sunchip witch said...

Got a new phone, so I decided to play pokemon go (finally!) on it, so on the bus to school i saw one. I had actually come across it and quickly clicked it. I'd wasted about 17 pokeballs. It got out all of the times but on my 18th try, it finally stayed! And it's CP was over 300... Vaporeon caught in Wanamaker, Indiana near my neighborhood pool

Ádám Kiss said...

Holy molly. Just caught a 100 procent PERFECT IV's Evve, evolved into a Vaporeon with Water Gun/Aqua Tail. I'm so happy that i broke my phone and now have to buy a new one :D.

Edgars Nezinu said...

Adam kiss how you know that it's 100% perfect evee?

Ádám Kiss said...

Edgars Nezinu look for IV calculator pages on the internet, basically IVs are the bonus stats for a Pokémon, but you can search it up aswell.

Anonymous said...

Which special move set is the best?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Which special move set is the best?
see "Ideal Moveset"

Anonymous said...

I just caught a 284 vaporeon at a subway station not very close to water.

Ryan Kristian Villanueva said...

I caught a 1457 vaporeon. It has 6 water gun and 35 water pulse. Is that really bad?

David Raczak said...

What moveset is water gun water pulse good for

DaN said...

Water pulse, would be OK for a defensive move-set rather then attacking like Aqua Tail and of course Hydro Pump.

Mainly because you'd charge the pulses pretty quick and the game controlled version would likely launch multiple charge moves, rather then the single Hydro pump which can be easily dodged.

With multiple attacks, it's more likely that the attacker would get hit by a few water pulses in between dodges and launching their own attacks.

I have my (2500 CP) 97% perfect 15/14/15 Water Gun / Hydro Pump for attacking and then for defending I have a 2270 (91%) with Aqua Tail & 2201 (93%) with Water Pulse.

So I wouldn't be too down if you do 'luck out' with getting a keeper with Water Pulse, consider using it as a defender, especially if it already has a solid starting CP.

Anonymous said...

TL:DR The ideal move set here is considered a useless special move combination by Silph Road.

I think the ideal move set is wrong? I'm seeing conflicting information about dps because moves like Hydro Pump have such long animations that its actually lower dps. In fact Silph Road lists the following move combinations as USELESS for special move:
Vaporeon Water Gun Water Pulse
Vaporeon Water Gun Hydro Pump


I believe that is due to the high attack rate of water gun, the low DPS of water pulse, and the high animation time of hydro pump. Since Silph Road seems to be more involved reverse engineering the game I think they might be right about how they think about dps? Can someone from weigh in on your rationale?

Others have talked about this in the comments. See Jacob Smith's comment from July 28th where he talks about water gun and aqua tail being one of the best move combinations in the game (not hydro pump).

ferdi_co said...

The attacks are now:

Water Gun (Power 10)

Aqua Tail (Power 50, Energy -33)
Hydro Pump (Power 130, Energy -100)
Water Pulse (Power 70, Energy -50)

Anonymous said...

Somehow my Vaporeon still have water gun with 5 power

Anonymous said...

For the absolute record.. what you're evee has as attacks/defense are going to be the exact same when you evolve it
So, whether it's espeon (Sakura), Umbreon (Tamao), Vaporeon (Rainer), Jolteon (Sparky), Flareon (Pyro), the outcome for its attacks/defenses are what it was when it was a tiny baby Eevee.. SOOO.. THATS THAT YALL!!!!

Anonymous said...

Recently hatched 100% Eevee, and of course was ecstatic. I wanted a second Umbreon, so i walked it 10km, but then removed it from my buddy to walk off my Mareep. Then I evolved the Eevee at night. It did not turn into the Umbreon I wanted, however to my pleasure, it also didn't result in my 9th Flareon either. I got my second Vaporeon... With movest Water Gun and Water Pulse... Worst charge move, I know, but I am not sure how I should feel...

Anonymous said...

^update: TMs are released. I used a charge TM on my 100% Vaporeon, and has Hydro Pump!!

Anonymous said...

My Eevee (558CP) I just evolved came an Vaporeon, the Vaporeon is now 2001CP (Powered up once)
It has Water Gun (5) and Hydro Pump (130) but when I press Appraise it says "There Is Room For Improvement"...
So that is bad right but why when it has those attacks?

Anonymous said...

My Eevee (558CP) I just evolved came an Vaporeon, the Vaporeon is now 2001CP (Powered up once)
It has Water Gun (5) and Hydro Pump (130) but when I press Appraise it says "There Is Room For Improvement"...
So that is bad right but why when it has those attacks?

MasterofPun said...

Greetings Anonymous,

It is good to find another Instinct member. Spark tells you that there is "Room for improvement" because of the IV's of the pokemon, not it's attack or combat potential.

IV's a system that you should look up if you don't know how they work - it'd take too long to explain.

Definitely make sure to check IV's before evolving Pokemon - it might just make the difference in battle!

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