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Pokedex Entry #113: Chansey is a Normal Type Pokemon. It evolves into Blissey.
Chansey lays nutritionally excellent eggs on an everyday basis. The eggs are so delicious, they are easily and eagerly devoured by even those people who have lost their appetite.
Species:Egg Pokémon
Height:3′7″ (1.09m)
Weight:76.3 lbs (34.6 kg)
Chansey Base StatsChansey Stat Rankings
Stamina:500Stamina:# 2
Attack:60Attack:# 242
Defense:176Defense:# 80
Max CP:1469CP:# 143
Overall:# 122
Chansey Moves
Chansey Fast Moves:Chansey Charge Moves:
PoundZen HeadbuttDazzling GleamHyper BeamPsychic
Cooldown:0.6 sec1.1 secCooldown:3.5 sec3.8 sec2.8 sec
w/ STAB:14.610.9w/ STAB:28.649.335.7
Ideal Moveset for Chansey:
Move:PoundHyper Beam
Category:Fast Charge
DPS (w/ STAB):14.649.3
Rank (w/ STAB):#14#13
Overall Rank:#239#51
*Chansey Legacy Moves
Legacy Fast Moves:Legacy Charge Moves:
Cooldown:Cooldown:3.2 sec
w/ STAB:w/ STAB:21.9
*Chansey acquired before update may have a Legacy Move listed above. However, Legacy moves are no longer obtainable.
Chansey Locations
10.0 km Egg
Normal Offensive Type Effectiveness
Normal Type Moves are Super Effective Against:
XNormal Type Moves are Not Very Effective Against:
Normal Defensive Type Effectiveness
These Types are Not Very Effective Against Normal Pokemon:
XThese Types are Super Effective Against Normal Pokemon:
Chansey Evolution
Chansey Evolves FromChanseyEvolves Into
-Candy Required for Evolution
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Nise said...

Please tell me that they'll be found in hospitals or clinics. That would be amazing.

Cota332 said...

Nise, I found mine right next to a nearby dental college! :)

Anonymous said...

My chances actually knows Dazzling Gleam. Hatched it from a 10km egg, and had 222 HP! At only 150 CP! Crazy!

Anonymous said...

Jumped into a random guys backyard to catch this beauty

christopher monroy said...

Mine has psy beam as a charge move

Anonymous said...

My Chansey is Psychic, not normal. Zen Headbutt 15 and Psybeam 35 - came from a 10km egg

Enkidu Sixone said...

It is normal, but has psychic or fairy attacks. I caught one, but I see a few people have, so it's not the rarest

JohnSon916 said...

I got my Chansey from hatching a 2km egg. I love the stats so far on my Chansey.

Stats was
Hatched egg: 2km
Starting HP: 119
Starting CP: 135
came with 18 Chansey Candy

Psychic Type:
Zen Headbutt- 15
Psychic- 50

Anonymous said...

I found mine while sitting at my PC I was like oh what's that XD

Anonymous said...

I got a 15 CP Chansey from a 10km egg. It has high HP, but what is the use of this pokemon in the game? Right now it seems like "Yay you filled another spot in your pokedex" is the only use of it..

Taylor Thompson said...

You put it in a gym, this beauty will be a nightmare for anybody to take out ;)

Anonymous said...

Chansey is great for gyms. Try leveling up a gym with it, for beating only one pokémon you get 1,000 prestige.

GenghisDon7 said...

Why does it have such a high HP but low CP? Mine just hatched at a sickly 110 CP but it has over 200HP. Makes me question the CP scale.

Anonymous said...

Hatched mine from a 10km egg, 489cp, i don't even need to mention the HP, its insane

Anonymous said...

You will be randomly shot with your dumbass

Rahil Chawla said...

please someone tell me the exact location of chamsey .... PLEASE

Melone said...

got this thing from a 10k egg...idk if it is any good tbh

Anonymous said...

Hatched mine in a hospital.. I wonder if it's more likely to hatch them in hospitals? Seems far fetched, but would be great. To someone who asked if the CP scale and HP are messed up.. nope! Chanseys are known to have extremely high HP.

Anonymous said...

Love this gorgeous plumper. ♥

Blue said...

Found 1 on Madrid with CP175 : Zen Headbutt and Psybeam

Anonymous said...

Got one with 305 hp. Cp 346.
15 and 55 attac.... Cool

Anonymous said...

My Chansey has Zen Headbutt and Hyper Beam. Is that any good?

Anonymous said...

I have a Chansey with pound and hyperbeam :)

Anonymous said...

Have 3 chansey all hatched from 10KM eggs. CP as follows 266,334,346.HP as follows 263,290,299. I'm really happy to have such 3 top shot Pokemon. But it is being massacred in gyms after surviving for a while. Is it of any use for battling?

Anonymous said...

People thinking he's good, (I feel bad for them)
he's one of the weakest in defense and attack, only hp doesn't do anything. He's no use in gym as well (tested)

Anonymous said...

Actually Chansey is 100% female, so right pronoun is "she".

Unknown said...

These stats where buffed on Nov 20th 2016.

Anonymous said...

hey ppl i just hats my first egg 10k and it was a chansey 580 in the start i was thiking that is low but wtf i see now i have 1 of the best

duffin88 said...

Recently caught one by where I live

ORVIBO said...

Just cought my first Chansey in the wild. Actually while stuck in a traffic jam. 624 CP and 274 HP with Zen Headbutt and Dazzling Gleam. I'm happy with the level but this moveset ... idk

Anonymous said...

yUmAz HATCHED a 100% IV EVOLVED BLISSEY POUND/DAZZLING GLEAM :/ 2828 cp powered up Level 34 still plenty bar left maybe 120 candies left no stardust meh

Justin Hodson said...

I hatch my chansey and it was about 850 on hatching with 309 up is this good

Anonymous said...

I got 6 of them in a park before the update. I saw some others too, but I didn't catch them because they had no evolution at that time. I need 2 more to make the blissey or 45km walking :(

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