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Pokedex Entry #114: Tangela is a Grass Type Pokemon. It has no Evolution.
Tangela's vines snap off easily if they are grabbed. This happens without pain, allowing it to make a quick getaway. The lost vines are replaced by newly grown vines the very next day.
Species:Vine Pokémon
Height:3′3″ (0.99m)
Weight:77.2 lbs (35.0 kg)
Tangela Base StatsTangela Stat Rankings
Stamina:130Stamina:# 53
Attack:183Attack:# 52
Defense:205Defense:# 16
CP Gain:23.1CP:# 65
Max CP:2208Overall:# 49
Tangela Moves
Tangela Fast Moves:Tangela Charge Moves:
Vine Whip-Power WhipSludge BombSolar Beam
Cooldown:0.65 sec2.8 sec2.6 sec4.9 sec
w/ STAB:13.531.321.230.6
Ideal Moveset for Tangela:
Move:Vine WhipPower Whip
Category:Fast Charge
Rank (DPS):#55#26
DPS (w/ STAB):13.531.3
Rank (w/ STAB):#21#5
Tangela Locations
5.0 km Egg
Grass Offensive Type Effectiveness
Grass Type Moves are Super Effective Against:
XGrass Type Moves are Not Very Effective Against:
Grass Defensive Type Effectiveness
These Types are Not Very Effective Against Grass Pokemon:
XThese Types are Super Effective Against Grass Pokemon:
Tangela Evolution
Tangela Evolves FromTangelaEvolves Into
-Candy Required for Evolution-
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Anonymous said...

Also learns Sludge Bomb as a charge move

Anonymous said...

mine came with solar beam as a charge move.

Anonymous said...

Is there not a Tangrowth?

Anonymous said...

Hatched a CP 430 one from an egg. It knew Vine Whip and Sludge Bomb.

Klutch72 said...

I caught one at CP607 with vine whip/solar beam, is this mon worth training? It is not showing a possibilty to evolve.

Aeo Viper said...

Also solarbeam as a charge attack.

Anonymous said...

@klutch72 tangela doesnt evolve in the first 150 pokemon pokedex, which is the number available in the game rn

Anonymous said...

Caught one at cp 794

Dawn said...

I caught one on the boardwalk in myrtle beach,sc!! Then I transferred it on accident... It still shows in my pokedex... But I no loner have it! 😩

vicky sharma said...

caught with 1024cp i am lv24 :) with vine whip and sludge bomb

QueensTail said...

Got one from an egg CP966 with Vine Whip 7 and Solar Bean 120 moves

Colin Ruemmele said...

Consider changing the way you calculate the best moveset. Solar Beam is actually the better charge move, despite having lower dps. Here is the math.

For both charge attacks, it takes 15 fast attacks to get 100 energy. This takes ~10s. Add 2.8s for Power Whip and 4.9s for Solar beam. Here are the results:
Solar Beam: 14.65s, 281.25 dmg (after STAB) -> 19.2 dps
Power Whip: 12.55s, 218.75 dmg (after STAB) -> 17.4 dps

So, even though Power Whip has higher dps by itself, we realize that's a useless stat because you can't just spam a charge attack.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Colin! I've been trying to get them to change their "ideal movesets" too.

Anonymous said...

Cot one from egg. 900+cp

Anonymous said...

Power whip actually has another advantage with shorter animation time, it is easier for attackers to time their move (dodging)

Anonymous said...

Caught one with CP 1692 and 95.5% IV. I'm still a bit shocked at the size of it.

Anonymous said...

If you have caught Tangela in the wild please let me know what type of location you found it at.

Anonymous said...

Tangela 1222 wild. Solar beam charge move aurora Colorado (east Denver)


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