Beginner's Guide: Parts 5.3 - 5.5. Items, Eggs & Gyms

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Parts 5.1 - 5.2: Locations & Pokémon
Parts 5.3 - 5.5: Items, Eggs & Gyms 

5.3 Pokestops
Pokestops are real world locations that can be visited to obtain items. A Pokestop is shown on the map as a marker that looks like a floating Pokeball.

As you get closer the Pokestop marker will change shape. Tap the Pokestop to interact with it.

Next, spin the core of the Pokestop and it will dispense items. Tap or swipe the items on the screen to collect them.

Visiting Pokestops is the best way to obtain free items in Pokemon Go.

You may find Pokeballs, Potions, Eggs, Max Revives, etc. You will also receive a small amount of XP. Visit as many Pokestops as you can.

5.4 Items
Collected items will automatically be stored in your inventory and can be used throughout your journey. Each item has a different purpose.

Pokeballs: Acquired from Pokestops and used to capture and store wild Pokemon.

Potions: Acquired from Pokestops and used to heal a % of a single Pokemon’s depleted HP.

Max Revive: Acquired from Pokestops and used to revive fainted (0 HP) Pokemon.

Berries: Can be used on wild Pokemon to make them easier to capture.

5.4.1 Eggs
While more rare than Pokeballs, Eggs can also be acquired from Pokestops.  Eggs can be carried around and after walking a certain distance your Egg(s) will hatch into a Pokemon! The species of Pokemon that hatches from the Egg will be randomized.

Note: The Egg Incubator is an Item that can be purchased from the Shop by spending Pokécoins. It can be used to hatch Eggs.

5.5 Gyms
Gyms are real world locations that Teams battle for control over. A Gym is shown on the map as a floating marker with platforms (the number of platforms represents the Gym Level, which also represents the number of potential defending Pokemon at that Gym).

Pokemon can be trained at a friendly Gym to increase the Gym’s Prestige and Level. Defeating Pokemon at an opposing Team’s Gym will lower the Gym’s Prestige and Level. When battling at Gyms, you can either Dodge or choose to use one of your Pokemon’s Moves.

5.5.1 Gym Battle Mechanics
When you visit a Gym you will have the option of either Training (Battling friendly Pokemon) or Challenging (Battling Pokemon from an opposing Team). The battle mechanics are similar in both game modes.

After choosing your Pokemon Team, the battle will start and you will face off against a defending Pokemon (controlled by AI, rather than by an actual player).

How to Win a Battle: To win a battle, you must use your Pokemon’s moves to reduce the HP of your opponent’s Pokemon down to 0.

HP & Stamina: Both Pokemon will have their HP bar visible during battle. The attacking Pokemon will have its blue Stamina (Energy) bar shown right below its HP.

CP (Combat Points): The greater the CP value of your Pokemon, the greater amount of damage it will deal during battle.

Moves: Using a mix of Fast and Charge Moves will result in greater success during battle. Build up your Stamina bar with Fast moves and then unleash powerful Charge Moves to take out large chunks of your opponent’s HP. You will get the hang of this after only a few battles.

Dodging: Swiping either left or right on the screen will allow you to Dodge opposing attacks. Dodged attacks will result in 0 damage taken.

5.5.2 Gym Rewards
Winning Training battles will award you with Trainer XP and increased Prestige for your friendly Gym. Winning Gym battles will award you with Trainer XP and decrease the Prestige of the opposing Gym.

5.5.3 Prestige & Gym Levels
Training successfully at a friendly Gym will result in increased Gym Prestige at that Gym. When a Gym gains enough Prestige it will Level Up.

The higher a Gym’s level, the more Defensive Pokemon slots it will have. The more Defending Pokemon a Gym has the less likely it is to be defeated by enemy teams.

When a Gym is defeated enough times its control will become Neutral. Neutral Gyms can be taken control of by any Team. Once captured, it is then the controlling team’s job to defend that Gym against the other two teams.

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