Egg Incubator

An Egg Incubator is an Item that can be purchased from the Pokémart by spending Pokécoins.

The main purpose of Incubators is to hatch Eggs. Trainers can carry around Eggs (collected from Pokéstops), but they will not begin hatching until put inside an Incubator. 

After traveling certain distance with an Egg inside the Incubator, the Egg will hatch into a Pokémon. 

Note: After used a certain number of times, Incubators can break and become unusable. Another will then have to be purchased at the Pokémart. 


Elaine Medina said...

I got two incubators from a pokestop and never again, I only see that they are available if you purshase them. Has anyone got any more? Or was only on the first days of the game?

Anonymous said...

I got one (3 uses only) at a Pokestop a few days ago but most Pokestopz don't have them

Anonymous said...

Are you sure you didn't get them from levelling up.... you get one at level 6,10,15 and two at level 20.....

Anonymous said...

I hatched a infinity use incubator in one of the eggs, need a few more of them

Anonymous said...

Here in Spain. I never find an incubator in a Pokestop but from time to time I find out that I have a new incubator in my phone. So I´m guessing.. levelling up.

Julzyfox said...

I'm in Canada, and I haven't gotten any incubators... but what about the one incubator that you have in your inventory from the very start...? The one with infinite uses? Can't you use that for eggs you get from Pokestops...? (I've gotten three eggs from Pokestops, but I don't even see them in my inventory... Is that bad...?)

Anonymous said...

Julzy You have a Second category in your Invetory only for eggs

Stephen Stewart said...

Pokémon Go is Pro Life. In other words the eggs are already Pokémon. To see your eggs, touch your pokéball, then touch the Pokémon button. This will open your list of Pokémon. Swipe left from this screen to see your eggs.

Anonymous said...

Julzy go to your Pokemon inventory and swipe left. You eggs on are on the next screen

Heidi Edwards said...

You can only carry 9 eggs at a time (including ones in incubator(s)). So even if you pick up more from Pokestops, your total egg count is only 9.

Lilly Holiday Mother of the House of Pink BoomBox said...

I hatch eggs, it shows I am suppose to get stardust, but the stardust does not transfer into my bag. Anyone know how to fix this?


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