An Upgrade in Pokémon Go refers to a permanent account improvement. Unlike Items, which are single or multi-use, player purchased Upgrades will last forever (or at least as long as you continue playing Pokémon Go).

What Upgrades Are Available?
The following upgrades are available to players in Pokémon Go:

Inventory Upgrade: This will permanently increase the storage space for Items.
Pokemon Inventory Upgrade: This will permanently increase the storage space for Pokémon.

Importance of Upgrades
There are many different Items to collect and Pokémon to capture in Pokémon Go. However, there is a limit to the total amount of space that a player's inventory can hold. As a beginner, storage space is really not much of an issue, but in the later stages of the game, it can become an issue.

Many players choose to capture and keep different Pokémon (of the same species) for evolution purposes. Even though Evolution Shards are retained when a Pokémon is released, it is optimal to Evolve Pokémon with the highest CP level.

If your inventory is full, and you cannot bear to part with any Items Pokémon, or upgrading your storage may be the answer.

The Pokémart & Upgrade Costs
Visit the Pokémart to browse the list of upgrades available for purchase. To purchase upgrades and items at the Pokémart, Pokécoins will be required.

Inventory Upgrade: 200 Pokécoins
Pokemon Inventory Upgrade: 200 Pokécoins

Other Notes About Upgrades
- Upgrades are passive, meaning that once purchased they will automatically be enhance that player's account.
- Upgrades are generally more expensive than single use Items such as the Lucky Egg or Incense. Before spending Pokécoins, plan out which Upgrades or items you want most.


Anonymous said...

Update now It's 200 pokécoins for both Inventory and Pokémon inventory Upgrade

Anonymous said...

How many of each item can you hold by default without an upgrade?

Anonymous said...

250 for Pokemon 350 for items is default

Anonymous said...

How much does the upgrade increase your storage by

Unknown said...

Can you upgrade more than once?

Anonymous said...

Yes, you can get 13 Bag Upgrades (+650 items) and 15 Pokémon Storage Upgrades (+750 Pokémon). Each upgrade adds 50 spaces and the maximum for both items and Pokémon is 1,000.

James said...

Does the pokemon storage upgrade increase egg storage as well?

Anonymous said...

Your eggs count towards your bag total, but you can never carry more than 9 eggs.

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