Incense is a type of Item that can be purchased from the Pokémart by spending Pokécoins.

Incense can be purchased in quantities of 1x, 4x or 8x.

When used, Incense will increase the number of Pokémon that appear nearby for a 30 minute period of time before wearing off. 

Much like that of the Lucky Egg, immediately after using Incense, a timer will appear on the screen and start counting down.

There are three different types of Incense that can be purchased:
Ordinary Incense: Basic
Floral Incense: More powerful than Ordinary Incense.
Spicy Incense: More powerful than Ordinary and Floral.


Anonymous said...

Does it only work for the person who activates it or everyone in the vicinity?

Anonymous said...

Only for the person who activates.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

What does it mean when pokemon have the incense animation around them? do they act as a second mini incense

Anonymous said...

Do you acquire more incense as you level up, at Pokespots, or purchase only?

Patricia Pliss said...

Can you find incense at Pokespots?

Anonymous said...

When Pokemons spawn around me thanks to incense they have no ping fog around them.
But sometimes i see Pokemons with fog around them. What does it mean ?

Anonymous said...

Can you get any pokemon from incense or what? i just wanna know becuase ive seen a venusaur in my area multiple times andjust wanna know if its worth using 1 (i have 15)

Anonymous said...

all infos about incense !!!!!
- the pink cyrcle arround the pokemon means it is only there because of you using incense
-those with no cyrcle would also come if you dont use it, you only think so, but ONLY THE CYRCLED ONCE ARE HERE BECAUSE OF YOUR INCENSE
- it is almoust useless, in 30min you get about 5-7 pokemon (with pink cyrcle)
- the pokemon nearby doesnt have any effect with incense, pokemon dont move, they spawn and 15mins later they disappear at the exact same point!!!
- the chance of rare pokemons or even a little bit rare are so f#+king low :-(((

Anonymous said...

No, incense will essentially spawn new Pokemon at your feet that are taken from the same potential spawn list of your area. It does NOT, as far as I've seen, attract Pokemon which are already around you in the wild.

Fairy Masarate said...
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