What is a Pokeball?
A Pokeball is an Item in Pokemon Go used to capture Wild Pokemon. Pokeballs can be obtained as progression rewards in Pokemon Go or can be purchased as in-app microtransactions. Higher quality Pokeballs will offer a greater chance to catch Pokemon. Being that Pokeballs are single use items, Trainers should plan on using them wisely.

What are the Different Types of Pokeballs?
There are four different types of Pokeballs in Pokemon Go. These types include the standard Pokeball, Great Ball, Ultra Ball and Master Ball. Each Pokeball resides in a different Tier. The higher the Tier, the more powerful the Pokeball.

(Tier 1) Pokeball
The most basic of Pokeballs. The standard Pokeball is the easiest to acquire and cheapest to purchase. Standard Pokeballs are most effective at capturing common Pokemon.

(Tier 2) Great Ball
The Great Ball is slightly more difficult to obtain and more expensive to purchase when compared to the standard Pokeball. However, the Great Ball is more effective at capturing wild Pokemon than the Pokeball.

(Tier 3) Ultra Ball
The Ultra Ball is the second most powerful Pokeball in Pokemon Go. It is more expensive and more difficult to acquire than the Pokeball and Great Ball. However, the Ultra Ball is much more effective at capturing wild Pokemon than the lower Tiered Pokeballs.

(Tier 4) Master Ball 
The Master Ball is the most powerful Pokeball in Pokemon Go. Although the Master Ball is the rarest and most expensive Pokeball, it can effectively be used to capture any wild Pokemon in Pokemon Go. It is in a player’s best interest to save his or her Master Balls for encounters with extremely Rare Pokemon such as Mew or Mewtwo.

How to Capture Pokemon with Pokeballs
As players travel within the real world, they will come across wild Pokemon. When a Pokemon is nearby it will show up on the minimap of the user’s Mobile Device. That player must then travel to the Pokemon location to initiate the “capture mode”.

When trying to capture a Pokemon, a user will take aim with his or her smartphone’s touchscreen. By just flicking a finger across the screen, Pokeballs can be thrown at the wild pokemon. While within this “capture mode”, players can switch between different Pokeballs (depending on what Pokeballs are available in inventory).

Throw accuracy is important. If you miss a certain number of times the Pokemon may run away. The Type of Pokeball that is used is also important. If a Pokemon is too powerful it may break out of the Pokeball.

Note: As you progress through the game, you will encounter more powerful Pokemon. Many of these Pokemon cannot be caught with a standard Pokeball, but instead may require a Great Ball, Ultra Ball or sometimes even a Master Ball.

If you are accurate with your throws and the correct Tier of Pokeball is used, you will successfully capture a wild Pokemon! In addition, your Trainer will gain EXP and the captured Pokemon will show up in your Pokedex. 

Ways to Obtain Pokeballs
A couple common questions among Pokemon Go players include, How can I get Pokeballs? and What are the best ways to get Pokeballs? 

Pokeballs can be obtained in Pokemon Go for free by visiting Pokestops. Pokeballs will be awarded to players for achieving certain milestones such as, reaching a particular Trainer Level.

It is also important to note that as a player’s Trainer Level increases he or she will gain access to stronger Pokeballs. When players first start out they will not have immediate access to the higher Tiered Pokeballs. 

Pokeballs can also be obtained by traveling to Pokestops. Pokestops will be located at places such as public art installations, historical markers, monuments, museums, etc. Players will have to travel to Pokestops in order to obtain Pokeballs, Items, Eggs, etc.. 

Although In-App purchases are not required to play Pokemon Go, Pokeballs can also be purchased using Real Money via microtransactions. Prices are subject to change, but standard Pokeballs will be relatively cheap. Higher Tier Pokeballs, on the other hand, such as Ultra Balls and Master Balls will be more expensive.

Members of the Pokemon Go Community have voiced their opinions on the Real Money Microtransaction aspect of Pokemon Go. Many have stated that they will not be making an In App purchases, while some are okay with spending a little bit of money if the cost of Pokeballs is low enough. 

Despite some controversy, the ability to purchase Pokeballs for real money will not turn Pokemon Go into a Pay-to-Win type game that many fear. Players will still have to travel the same distance to actually capture the Pokemon. 

Pokeball Cost
Pokeballs can be purchased for Pokecoins in counts of 50, 100 or 200.

- The cost per Pokeball will be cheaper when bought in greater amounts.

Collecting & Saving Pokeballs
Saving Pokeballs is just as important as collecting them. Pokemon Go players will obtain Rare Pokeballs as they progress through the game. Now some may choose to use these Pokeballs immediately, while other more experienced players will save Ultra Balls and Master Balls for Legendary or Mythical Pokemon encounters.

Saving Master Balls is just one tip taken from The 10 Best Pokemon Go Tips for Beginners. Be sure to check out the other nine tips.

Players have inventory space where these special Pokeballs can be saved. It is recommended to use this Inventory Space to store Rare and Powerful items for use later on in the game. Using higher Tiered Pokeballs to capture weaker Pokemon is really just a waste. Common Pokemon should only be caught with standard Pokeballs, especially in the early stages of the game.

Pokemon Go Pokeball (FAQ) Frequently Asked Questions
What determines a Pokemon's capture difficulty?
Pokemon with higher CP will be more difficult to catch. Pay attention to this when choosing which Pokeball to use. 

Will the Master Ball have a 100% Capture Rate?
Yes, just as in other Pokemon games, the Master Ball will capture any Pokemon without fail. 

Thank you for reading. if you have any thoughts on Pokeballs in Pokemon Go, feel free to leave a comment below. 


Anonymous said...

its p2w because you have to pay for pokeballs or gather them very slowly and people who pay will buy lures and pokeballs and never have to leave certain areas. All the gyms in my town are controlled by pokemon cp 1400+ and they could only be at that point by paying. It's P2W through and through and anything you say otherwise is denial. GG pokemon you had a good run.

Unknown said...

No it's not pay to win.. Those people at your gym have 1400 cp through playing all day everyday. It's not difficult to do, you just have to be prepared to sacrifice your time.

Unknown said...

I have yet to pay a dime and 90% of my pokemon are at 1200 to 1800. I also own about 4 gyms at this time.....but this is to say my luck with the game has been crazy. I work and guessed a pokestop and I walk and play all day long. I hatch at least 4 eggs a day and leave NO pokemon uncaptured. So it's possible to some...not to all.

Anonymous said...

Most of this information in this "guide" is incorrect anyway. The pricing is wrong, the store doesn't even sell "value packs" or any poke balls other than the normal version, your inventory space and pokemon storage space does not upgrade from leveling up, but only from cash purchases or if you really struggle to get free coins each day by owning lots of gyms.

Anonymous said...

@ Aaron Payne no dude you are wrong it's not free they sell your data AKA internet on your phone, and you gotta go to all these places and if u use a car that uses "fuel" you might need to get more so thats more money. sooner or later they will make it so you can buy the higher balls with REAL money. see this app is only really popular because it's digital and NEW. the card game back in the 90's didn't even get this much attention. all you suckers that think it's free if you look DEEP into it, it's really not. when it don't require internet AT ALL no pay 2 win then it will be a free game until then IT IS.

Anonymous said...

Unless you just play in your house and catch what wanders by. Can't get very good that way though, but it's exciting when something comes in.

Unknown said...

Why do you say the fairy are powerful against fairy then next sentence say they are not in your best offenses pokemon guide

Unknown said...

Lol if you're going out of the way to calculate your data usage and how much fuel you use, then you must be scraping welfare checks to get by. Sorry but I don't pay for data for Pokemon GO, I pay to have data on my phone, which coincidentally is where I play Pokemon GO. I'm not paying more to use my data on the app. I drive a mile or so across town to a park where hundreds of people meet daily, so I don't waste much gas, but again that's something I accept solely on the principle that if I want to drive for ANY reason that I'm going to use gas. Call us suckers, but we've accepted these things as our normal life because we can afford to. As for charging you for higher balls... what are you talking about? Have you even gotten anywhere in this game? I get Ultra Balls and Great Balls at Pokestops all the time. To say they're going to charge you for them is silly. Sure they have regular Pokeballs in the shop but you can still get them for free, and in abundance, I'd say. Unless you are garbage at flicking on a screen and you're wasting all your pokeballs, you shouldn't have an issue at all playing this game without money.

Being popular and NEW isn't why this game is so big. This game has blown up faster than any other app. It's called having a dedicated fanbase. It's fucking Pokemon, like come on, everybody at some point has heard of pokemon or played it.

You can absolutely play this game without shelling out extra money. The items you buy certainly help, but nothing game changing to the point where you can tell the difference between a F2P player or a P2W player.

Anonymous said...

Hey ive been playing for a week most of my travel is done on foot or by bI cycle. No I'm not a kid I'm 26 but have caught over 89 different types of pokemon doing that here's the fun part I lve in the country the closest pokestop or pokemon gym is 45 miles away and I walk/ride my bike there everyday and stay for 5-6 hours then head home with no dead zones in the entire way to and from places it a GPS game if you sit at home you are a lazy bum. Get up and go.

Anonymous said...

Pokemon go is not a p2w game. You can play the game without ever spending a dime. You cannot purchase Pokemon or candies so the idea that someone has high level Pokemon due to buying things is false. It'll allow you to catch more Pokemon and result in gaining more xp and candy but you still have to locate Pokemon and catch them. So overall paying for poke balls or anything else is mostly pointless unless you really want to.

Addicted 2 Speed said...

Lmfao @ Rob Smith! That crack about scraping by on welfare checks almost made me per myself. The only people complaining about having to get up and go out to collect Exp are the same ones who are too lazy to get off the couch and get a real job. The point of the GPS location is EXERCISE! Get off the couch and take your kids for a walk rather than put them in front of the tv and let them learn about the birds and the bees.

I personally think Nintendo has hot a homerun with this thing. It's a bunch of small things rolled into one: socializing with your peers, exercising, spending time with your family OUTSIDE, exploring areas of the city or neighborhood you wouldn't normally see, and getting out from the trap of the idiot box that had made America one of the laziest and obese countries on the planet. Coincidentally I'm willing to bet in a few years that obesity in children will be down a notch, as will heart attacks of younger adults. It's sad it has taken a game for all of us to start spending more time with family, friends, and being outdoors, but its also really cool that Nianco and Nintendo were the ones brilliant enough to come up with it!

Quick question for all you "Go'ers" out there... how many hours have you spent outside in a given day? Week? Month? Year? How many miles have you walked in a given day? Week? Month? Year? Now, can you answer the previous questions SINCE the game has came out? Pretty astounding isn't it? :)

Unknown said...

I mean I walked 42 miles in the last 7 days. And that's with working 5 days a week!

Unknown said...

Does anyone else have an issue with vanishing pokeballs? When I throw one it will take 2 instead of one so my counter goes like this 10balls *throws ball at pokemon* 8balls left. Or when I run away from a pokemon I had 16 balls but when I checked my inventory it only said 14 balls. Where are they going? Is this common? Does it sometimes tale 2 pokeballs at once for some pokemon? Its just frustrating. Anyone else with this problem? And im on mobile so sorry for any mistakes on grammar and spelling thank you.

Anonymous said...

Addicted 2 Speed

I walk about the same amount that I did before the game.
I used to walk a lot more before my injury, I'm a dog walker and think that this game is perfect for dog walkers.
I wouldn't go far out of my way for that game, I'll walk a block or two for a Pokémon I want, maybe more for one I don't yet have.
But to go somewhere just to play that game for hours?
That's nuts unless you're a bored teenager or I dunno, unemployed or something.
There are definitely better way to spend free time. BJJ or krav maga training, swimming, rock climbing, gymnastics or even just reading a good book.

Unknown said...

Well in case you happen to see this post, they actually make an app that you can use while you walk your dog that will donate to an animal shelter or humane society of your choice based on how much you walk! I use it even when I'm not walking my dog, all those miles walking from Pokemon has helped raise some monies for my local humane society, so I have no complaints (:

Timeline Promo said...

Is this game still have a player? Because this game popularity is very soon gone.

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