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Pokedex Entry #157: Typhlosion is a Fire Type Pokemon. It evolves from Quilava.
Typhlosion obscures itself behind a shimmering heat haze that it creates using its intensely hot flames. This Pokémon creates blazing explosive blasts that burn everything to cinders.
Species:Volcano Pokémon
Height:5′7″ (1.70m)
Weight:175.3 lbs (79.5 kg)
Typhlosion Base StatsTyphlosion Stat Rankings
Stamina:156Stamina:# 72
Attack:223Attack:# 26
Defense:176Defense:# 80
Max CP:2686CP:# 36
Overall:# 35
Typhlosion Moves
Typhlosion Fast Moves:Typhlosion Charge Moves:
EmberShadow ClawFire BlastOverheatSolar Beam
Cooldown:1 sec0.7 secCooldown:4.2 sec4 sec4.9 sec
w/ STAB:12.512.9w/ STAB:41.750.036.7
Ideal Moveset for Typhlosion:
Move:Shadow ClawOverheat
Category:Fast Charge
DPS (w/ STAB):12.950.0
Rank (w/ STAB):#32#11
Overall Rank:#258#45
*Typhlosion Legacy Moves
Legacy Fast Moves:Legacy Charge Moves:
w/ STAB:w/ STAB:
*Typhlosion acquired before update may have a Legacy Move listed above. However, Legacy moves are no longer obtainable.
Typhlosion Locations
Fire Offensive Type Effectiveness
Fire Type Moves are Super Effective Against:
XFire Type Moves are Not Very Effective Against:
Fire Defensive Type Effectiveness
These Types are Not Very Effective Against Fire Pokemon:
XThese Types are Super Effective Against Fire Pokemon:
Typhlosion Evolution
Typhlosion Evolves FromTyphlosionEvolves Into
Candy Required for Evolution-
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Anonymous said...

Typhlosion has shadow claw for 12 damage and solar beam for 180 damage as some of his moves.

PsychicWrath said...

My wife and I both evolved our Quilavas into Typhlosions today. I got Shadow Claw and Overheat, she got Ember and Fire Blast. They both rock in gym battles. We're also psyched because we're the first ones in our group of friends to obtain Typhlosion in Pokémon GO. I love this Pokémon!

Anonymous said...

cp821 82.2% male shadow claw/fire blast. rather than scoff at it because of a middle ground moveset, i'm looking toward an increase in viability in the future.

why do numerous pkmn have 2 possible charge moves of the same type and energy cost but with one clearly over the other in usability?
some people will say its purposely to add chances of a "bad roll", i think it's a sign of future battle mechanics to come.

for now, fire blast is completely eclipsed by overheat. if a future gym overhaul adds stat modifiers and stat conditions from the main games in some modified form suitable to GO, then things could get interesting.
in the main games, fire blast can inflict burns, while overheat is stronger but harshly drops sp.atk.

should those additions happen, ideally it should only be charge moves to have these extra effects. fast moves pretty much have their own effect as energy gain.

Anonymous said...

I hope you are right about that! The difference between fire blast and overheat is blatant. Really dumb if its just designed for a "bad roll of the dice". They must have something cooked up for it.

I just evolved one with shadow claw/fire blast with 95% IVs :) I find gym battles boring, even with Typhlosion. Looking forward to 1 on 1 battle.

Anonymous said...

one other way it could be salvaged in the future is if the fully evolved starters could be tutored frenzy plant/blast burn/hydro cannon after being walked a considerable distance as a buddy, should those moves ever make it into GO.

the same could be done with the pikachu family with volt tackle, and any dragon type with draco meteor.

those moves would need phenomenal power to be worth it in GO, but a lot of the moves in GO already deviate from their power in the main games.

Anonymous said...

I have Typhlosion with Shadow Claw and Solar Beam. It actually works really well, because when I leave it to defend a gym - other players will obviously use water type pokemon to defeat it, but they get rocked by Solar Beam.

Unknown said...

Just evolved a 100% Typhlosion with Ember/Overheat this morning thanks to the special event going on right now!

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