Moveset Changes (August 19th) Chansey is the big Winner!

On August 19th, Niantic changed the Movesets of 18 different Pokémon. While some were minor changes, others were pretty significant.

Overall the Pokémon that benefited most from this recent update was Chansey. Originally, Chansey had the Charge Move Psybeam. Being a Normal Type Pokémon, meant that Chansey's Psybeam did not benefit from STAB (Same type attack bonus). However, with the recent change, Chansey now has the capability of using Hyper Beam, a Normal Type Move, which does benefit from STAB. Not only that, Hyper Beam now does almost 20 more DPS than that of the original move Psybeam.

Now, some Pokémon were not so lucky, which include Seel and Jigglypuff. Seel originally had the Move Water Gun, which did 15 DPS (w/ STAB), but now has Lick, a Ghost Type Move, which does only 10 DPS as it does not benefit from STAB.

Jigglypuff got the worst of this new update as it lost Play Rough and gained Dazzling Gleam. Both benefit from STAB, but the change results in a -7.3 DPS change for this particular Moveset comparison. 

Other Pokémon such as Staryu, Starmie and Grimer saw slight gains in DPS, while it seems some Moves were removed (Gyarados and Dragon Breath). At this time there seem to be conflicting reports between players on Gyarados' Moveset.

Please note that these changes were made in the Pokémon Go game file, but have not yet been officially confirmed on Niantic's blog (Updated Last: August 20th).

Changes to Movesets (August 19th)
#PicPokemonOld MoveOld DPSNew MoveNew DPSDPS +/-
ChanseyPsybeam10.5Hyper Beam30.019.5
HitmonleeStomp14.3Brick Break23.49.2
StaryuQuick Attack7.5Tackle10.93.4
StarmieQuick Attack7.5Tackle10.93.4
GrimerAcid11.9Poison Jab14.32.4
PorygonQuick Attack9.4Zen Headbutt11.42.0
GengarSludge Wave25.7Sludge Bomb26.40.7
DiglettMud Shot13.6Mud Slap13.90.3
DugtrioMud Shot13.6Mud Slap13.90.3
GravelerMud Shot13.6Mud Slap13.90.3
GolemMud Shot13.6Mud Slap13.90.3
GyaradosDragon Breath12.0Removed-0.0
SeelWater Gun15.0Lick10.0-5.0
JigglypuffPlay Rough23.7Dazzling Gleam16.4-7.3


Unknown said...

I don't get why they changed Jigglypuff's move. He's not that strong and Play Rough made more sense for his moveset. As someone who wanted to upgrade a Jiggly without evolving it just for fun, I'm upset.

Anonymous said...

Did they leave the old attacks on "legacy" pokemon (ones made before this update)... because one of my Gyarados still has Dragon Breath as its fast move.

Bridawg123 said...

This was not retroactive, so your 'legacy' pokemon will remain unaffected. This includes pokemon yet to be hatcched from eggs received before the update.

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