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Pokedex Entry #080: Slowbro is a Water/Psychic Type Pokemon. It evolves from Slowpoke.
Slowbro's tail has a Shellder firmly attached with a bite. As a result, the tail can't be used for fishing anymore. This causes Slowbro to grudgingly swim and catch prey instead.
Species:Hermit Crab Pokémon
Height:5′3″ (1.60m)
Weight:173.1 lbs (78.5 kg)
Slowbro Base StatsSlowbro Stat Rankings
Stamina:190Stamina:# 25
Attack:177Attack:# 88
Defense:194Defense:# 53
Max CP:2482CP:# 48
Overall:# 35
Slowbro Moves
Slowbro Fast Moves:Slowbro Charge Moves:
ConfusionWater GunIce BeamPsychicWater Pulse
Cooldown:1.6 sec0.5 secCooldown:3.3 sec2.8 sec3.2 sec
w/ STAB:15.612.5w/ STAB:27.344.627.3
Ideal Moveset for Slowbro:
Category:Fast Charge
DPS (w/ STAB):15.644.6
Rank (w/ STAB):#8#19
Overall Rank:#233#61
*Slowbro Legacy Moves
Legacy Fast Moves:Legacy Charge Moves:
w/ STAB:w/ STAB:
*Slowbro acquired before update may have a Legacy Move listed above. However, Legacy moves are no longer obtainable.
Slowbro Locations
Water Offensive Type Effectiveness
Water Type Moves are Super Effective Against:
XWater Type Moves are Not Very Effective Against:
Water Defensive Type Effectiveness
These Types are Not Very Effective Against Water Pokemon:
XThese Types are Super Effective Against Water Pokemon:
Psychic Offensive Type Effectiveness
Psychic Type Moves are Super Effective Against:
XPsychic Type Moves are Not Very Effective Against:
Psychic Defensive Type Effectiveness
These Types are Not Very Effective Against Psychic Pokemon:
XThese Types are Super Effective Against Psychic Pokemon:
Slowbro Evolution
Slowbro Evolves FromSlowbroEvolves Into
Candy Required for Evolution-
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JamesHxc said...

Just evolved the 648 slowpoke I hatched, got a 1458 slowbro with water gun & Psychic! Awwww yeah!

Unknown said...

As a defender pokemon I think Ice Beam is actually better than Psychic, to fight back better those grass type attackers such as Exeggutor.

Unknown said...

Just evolved my wild 701 Slowpoke, turned into a 1521 Slowbro with water gun and water pulse, AWESOME!

Anonymous said...

it's almost funny that 4 of my 6 slowbro so far end up with ice beam. the other 2 ended up with mono-psychic sets.
and not one water pulse in sight to my comfort...

my personal best being a cp1989 with water gun/ice beam evolved from a wild slowpoke with a 93% IV score, which i use as an attacker. rips dragonite apart, the resistance to water gun is hardly an issue when it's just as good for energy buildup.

Anonimoose said...

I know I'm biased because mine has confusion, but I prefer it over water gun because you can attack without penalty to pretty much any other 'high tier mons. I'm looking at you vaporeon.

Anonymous said...

How can you find out IV stats? (Sorry, a bit new to the Pokémon party)

Anonymous said...

I evolved my 100% Slowpoke to a Slowbro. It's got Confusion/Psychic as its move set. What does one think about that..?

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