Best Methods for Powering Up & Evolving Pokémon

One of the most popular questions among Pokémon Go players is when should I Power Up and/or Evolve my Pokémon? The video above does a good job of explaining and summarizing the best time and way to do so.

Here are the two main strategies from this video:

#1. Average Player: Efficient Stardust Usage 
- Be patient and save your Candy until you have enough Candy to evolve a Pokémon to it's final form. 

- For example, if you have a Bulbasaur you will want to wait until you have 125 total Bulbasaur Candy to Evolve it to Venusaur (25 to Ivysaur and 100 to Venusaur). 

- By the time you have enough Candy to Evolve into a Venusaur, you will have found a much stronger Bulbasaur to evolve (as you will be at a higher Trainer Level at this point). 

- Wait until around Level 20 before Powering Up your Pokémon. This will result in a much more efficient use of Stardust as it will take less overall Stardust to maximize your Pokémon's CP. 

#2. Advanced Player: IV's, Maximizing CP
- This method involves finding Pokémon with the highest CP potential. This method is much more technical as it involves hidden base stats such as Attack, Defense and Stamina. Pokémon can be about 10% stronger by using this method.

- Each Pokémon species has the same base hidden stats. However, these stats may be greater based on the Pokémon's Individual Values (IVs).

- Individual Values are completely random and are different for every Pokémon you catch. 

- IVs can add up to 1 to 15 Attack stat points, 1 to 15 Defense stat points and 1 to 15 Stamina stat points. 

- For example, a Charmeleon will have base stats of Attack: 160, Defense: 140 and Stamina: 116. With Max IV, a Charmeleon would have Attack: 175, Defense: 155 and Stamina: 131. The Stats of all Charmeleon's will fall in the following range:

Attack: 160 - 175
Defense: 140 - 155
Stamina: 116 - 131

- Trainers will want to Evolve/Power Up their Charmeleon with the highest total base stats.

- Use the IV Calculator from to determine the IV of your own individual Pokémon.

Which Pokémon have you caught with the perfect IV's? Let us know in the comments below!


Anonymous said...

Have a perfect Jolteon and perfect starmie ^.^

Anonymous said...

Evolved a Eevee and got a Flareon with 100% IV and his best moves according to this site

Anonymous said...

I have 15/15/15 100% Vaporeon :)

Unknown said...

I have a 100% Sandshrew :-)

Anonymous said...

15-14-15 Butterfree, with best moveset. I know it's not perfect, but I'm really proud of it.

Anonymous said...

How to know if you have 100% 15-15-15?

Unknown said...

Thanks for the very good explanation. A question I still have: do the differences in move sets that certain pokemons have also define which one you should evolve?
I have a ponyta of cp 390, but it has Ember and Fire Blast (good); I also have a ponyta of cp 820, with moves Tackle and Flame Wheel (bad). Won't the former ponyta evolve into a rapidash with better moves?
Thanks for your time

Unknown said...

got a 86.7% iv draganite with steel wing and dragon claw with 11-13-15 A-D-Hp
95.6% iv guyrados with bite and dragon breath with 15-15-13 A-D-Hp
poliwag with 95.6℅ if 15-A 13-D 15-Hp
are they good enough to power up fully or up to lv 30 only keep in mind that I only have 356767 something stardust

Anonymous said...

I have a Perfect 15-15-15 Dragonite with a move of Steel Wing and Dragon Pulse.. A perfect Gyarados, Golbat, Vaporeon and a 15-14-15 Snorlax...

Unknown said...

I live in Hong Kong. I have filled out the pokedex except for the 6 that Niantic hasn't released and Mr Mr. Mime, Tauros and Kangaskhan. I have hatched some 100 5 km eggs and at least 20 10 km but got none of the 3. Is there any way to get the 3 besides hatching eggs. The pokedex said I have seen 1 Tauros and Kangakhan but I'm sure I haven't seen any in the wild.

Garry S said...

I caught a 15/15/15 Dratini and evolved to 15/15/15 Dragonair. Also hatched a 15/15/15 Vulpix and evolved to 15/15/15 Ninetales. I have over 500,000 Stardust just trying to harvest the Candy...

Ami Blackwell said...

Alex Au -- If you saw those creatures in a gym, they will show up in your Pokedex. It happened a few updates ago. I quit going to gyms until I finished mine because I didn't like the seen/caught ratio when I only had 3 left! lol

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