While Experience Points (XP) are required to Level Up Trainers, Prestige is needed to Level Up Gyms.

Prestige can be earned by defeating Pokémon in battle at friendly Gyms (also known as Training).

When a Gym gains enough Prestige it will Level Up and gain an additional defensive Pokémon slot. Teams will want to work together and Train at Gyms to earn Prestige quickly in order to build up Gym defenses. 

Winning a Training battle will increase a Gym's Prestige by 50 points.

Prestige Required for Gym Level Ups
Level 1 Gyms increase to Level 2 Gyms at 500 Prestige points. 
Level 2 Gyms increase to Level 3 Gyms at 1,000 prestige points. 
Level 3 Gyms increase to Level 4 Gyms at 2,000 Prestige points.


Anonymous said...

This needs to be updated, 1) to show higher gym levels 2) It is also incorrect, winning a battle can definitely increase prestige by more than 50 points!

TheMadHatta said...

He's right you know, the numbers you have are completely off because you can see them in the gyms at the moment and I have obtained over 400 points for taking down to Pokemon and at least 640 or 664 killing three Pokémon at a level 7 or 8 gym

Anonymous said...

You an build up to 1000 prestige off a single battle. If you battle with something half the cp lvl, you get 1000 prestige. Battle a 400cp pokemon with a 200cp pokemon and win and you up prestige 1000

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