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Hello everyone and thank you for visiting the Pokémon Go Database!  We are almost at 2 months since the release of Pokémon Go and although trading and battling of friends is still in development, we believe that Pokémon Go has a very bright future.

Since release we have been updating this site with minor updates such as last month's Moveset Changes and also added information about the Appraisal Feature a couple of weeks back. However, we are continuously receiving feedback from players who are looking for even more information to improve their game (Although specifics are not usually provided to us).

To help satisfy this need we ask that you provide us with any and all suggestions you have regarding improving this site. All constructive feedback is appreciated and please be as specific/detailed as you can. (Please be honest, but please also keep the language age appropriate as children do play this game.)

Thank you everyone, and we look forward to your comments!


Unknown said...

Redesign the website! Create an app for Android (not iPhone)

Justin said...

Which pokemon is "the best" is irrelevant. It depends purely on the type you are attacking and which attacks you have. I have created a database for myself based on dr k..(something) his list. I build it such that you can see which pokemon (incl. Its attacks) is best to use against which pokemon. E.g. best against lapras is my vaporeon with water gun and hydro pump. A dragonite, which is "best" in current releases is not so good to use in this case at all. Therefore, in my opinion, the list you made doesnt provide information that a pokemon trainer can actually use. But than again, it gives the trainer that does have this information a huge advantage so i am ok with this site as it is ;) hope this helps.

Anonymous said...

Fix the combat system. The dodging is atrocious. Also reward more stardust and candies for catching wild tier 2 or 3 Pokémon.

Anonymous said...

Redesign the website, it looks like a 1980 website.
Use more Ajax components.
Make the search fields smart, so that if I start typing "Pika" in the text box, it shows "Pikachu" and when I select it it goes directly to Pikachu's page.

Anonymous said...

I think the "ideal moveset" can use some tweaking. It should focus on which combo of moves provides the most overall damage.

As an example, Snorlax's best attacks are listed as Zen Headbutt and Body Slam.

Lick does slightly less damage, but builds up the charge gauge much faster. So the TRUE ideal moveset for Snorlax is Lick and Body Slam... Lick lets you do the powerful Body Slam attack more quickly.

Anonymous said...

I'd love it if every single link didn't open in a new tab or browser window.

Anonymous said...

fightiing type pokemon are too weak.should increase the power of karate chop or cross chop.better if both increase

Unknown said...

add a feature to help choose the the pokemon type and attack type against an opponent. including which type of pokemon and attack better not use.
for example against snorlax:(is type normal with, attack types that are ghost, psychic, normal, ground):

use a pokemon with attack move type: fighting.
use pokemon with type:ghost, normal, dark, flying, steel, grass, bug.
do not use a pokemon with type: poison, fire, electric

for example one can use:
a bug pokemon with fighting moves such as pinsir,
or a water type(which is neutral) with fighting moves such as poliwrath

Anonymous said...

I'm not going to write a novel on here, but you're completely missing
a lot..

*There's no info on gym mechanics. (Gym A.I. has completely different rules than for combatants.)

*All the "ideal" move sets are actually just the ideal offensive rolls (and some of those are wrong as well). Quick-hitting fast moves are better for attacking than higher DPS ones, they charge your own Pokemon's super faster, and also trade less super energy to your opponent. Slower, but harder-hitting fast moves are better for defending Pokemon because gym combatants cannot use their fast move as often as an attacking Pokemon. <- Very important!

There's a lot more to this game coming too! So you'll need to be updated immediately with any new developments! <- Essential!

*You need a new site template. Also, why is it so zoomed in? Almost like a setting for the visually impaired on a cellphone.

*You MUST have a great I.V. Calculator!

*Here's another site to check out for ideas:

Props for being one of the best couple sites when the game dropped. Double props for asking the community for suggestions. Good luck!

Pokemon Go DB said...

Thank you, all. All of your suggestions are appreciated. We originally created this site with a simple template, but we definitely need a new responsive layout that will work for both desktop and mobile users. We are currently researching to find the optimal design.

Anonymous said...

You guys have some mismatches in these pages: (it says Ground moves are not very effective against Flying type pokemon) (it says that Flying type pokemon have no resistance/weakness to Ground type moves)

I'm pretty sure this isn't the first one I've noticed, but you may want to take a look at them. I know there's the chart which is actually correct (for Pokemon GO at least), but I'm just saying.

Anonymous said...

Fix the eggs please I have to walk 3x as much to hatch a egg my friend and I put a 2k egg in at the same time and his hatched when mine was still at 0.8k which is just ridiculous please fix the eggs thank you

Anonymous said...

Please allow for sorting alphabetically!! Thx

Anonymous said...

Great Website

Anonymous said...

Hi all, ive got a 1096CP Golbat that measured a perfect 100% on the IV calculator. Is 100% IV pretty common or is this a rare thing? Anybody got any idea? Ive got a few in the high 90s % but this is the only one ive seen with 100%

Anonymous said...

Some moves are un-dodgeable like blizzard and are great for defenders. An undodgeable list would be great. Also some moves when dodged still deal damage while others don't? Something to explain this works be super duper

Anonymous said...

Your move list is using outdated Energy and EPS values from before the July 30 move update. See for recent decoded game master files with the updated values.

rgesner said...

Please enable your page to sort by name as well as #
Please improve the web page behavior on android, it is slow and often unresponsive

b-ryce said...

This is a fantastic site! I'm working on a graph database where you can save your top pokemon, and then based on who you are fighting in the gym, the site will automatically recommend the best set to take into battle.

Can I get a data dump of your stats? That would be a lot easier than scraping or copying and pasting :) I'm happy to give you guys credit, or you could even host it on your site if I am able to finish. I'm just doing it for the learning experience.

Unknown said...

Hello there.

We Need the body system that you put in the Halloween to be back.

We were so happy with giving us one candy every 750 m, 250 m, and 1.25 km


Anonymous said...

DISCARDING EGGS would be great! I've always wondered why you can get rid of everything else in the game other than the eggs even more so now that I keep getting 10k eggs and have already hatched all 3 new baby Pokémon from them. I am trying to hatch as many 5ks as possible, but am having to go through a lot of 10k eggs first. Lol. I know this might be a long shot, but has there been talk or mentioning of being able to discard eggs in the near future? Just curious really. Thank you and would appreciate any feedback.

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