Energy (Stamina)

Energy (Stamina) is required by Pokemon to use Charge Moves in battle. Charge Moves are generally more powerful attacks than Fast Moves, but these moves are slower and require Energy (Stamina) to use.

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Each Pokemon has a light blue Energy (Stamina) bar separated into multiple smaller bars, which refills about 20% per second during battle. The number of energy bars a Pokemon has is determined by its Charge Move. A Pokemon's Energy (Stamina) can also be replenished during battle by using Fast Moves or by taking damage.

When a Charge Move is used it will deplete of the attacking Pokemon's Energy (Stamina). The amount of Energy used is determined by the Move that is performed.

Click here for a Full List of Charge Moves to see the energy requirements for each Move.

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Anonymous said...

No shit, but how does the energy work? You can have between two and five boxes. Is it charges, like I can use the 5 box move 5 times, or is it requirements like 5 boxes will cost you a lot of energy?
Do you have full energy and it divide it unto 2-5 boxes? Does each box take 2 secs to recharge? How does it work!?

Anonymous said...

Yeah, this guide sucks. I'm trying to figure out if flamethrower is better when it is subdivided into two bars but has 50 power or if heat wave is better when it has 60 powe but is one bigger bar. I can't find answers anywhere on how energy works as far as amount of bars and this guide wasted my time.

Anonymous said...

I am wondering the same thing. I have two Electabuzz. One with Thunderbolt, which has two energy bars and does 50 damage. The other Electabuzz has Thunder, which has one energy bar and does 65 damage. Hoping to find out what is the better option. It seems like Thunder would be the better move, but I'm not sure.

Unknown said...

What a stupid website. Having 2 bars, (hence depleting 50% when using a special, as it wastes 1 bar), is only for this particular pokemon with this particular move. Different moves have different requirements.

Anonymous said...

You gotta click the Full List of Moves link that is directly below the article. It shows the details of each move.

Anonymous said...

Attack, Defence and Stamina?
what is Stamina?

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