A Berry is a type of Item in Pokémon Go that can be collected and stored in a player's inventory. Berries can be used on wild Pokémon to make them easier to capture.

Importance of Berries
There are Pokémon that are easy to capture (Green Circle), but then there are those that may be difficult or very difficult to capture (Orange/Red Circle). If you come across a difficult capture (especially one you have not caught before) you will want to try and catch it immediately. Leveling Up your Trainer will ultimately make Pokémon easier to catch, but this is more of a long-term solution.

Instead you can opt to use a more powerful Pokéball. However, many players choose to save their higher tier Pokéballs for extremely Rare Pokemon, as they are not all that easy to obtain. Alternatively, you can use Berries. Lower tiered Berries, are relatively easy to come by and will turn medium difficulty captures into relatively easy captures. Once the difficulty is reduced, a Great Ball or even a standard Pokeball may be enough to capture the Pokemon.

Where Can Berries Be Found?
The best way to find Berries is by visiting Pokéstops. The item drops at Pokéstops are randomly generated. Therefore, if you haven't found any Berries in your first few visits, continue visiting Pokéstops and they will drop eventually.

When Can You Use Berries?
A Berry can be used once during a Pokémon encounter. The game does not allow the use of multiple Berries per encounter. This mechanic mainly serves to prevent players from turning very difficult captures into very easy captures (negating the need for higher tiered Pokéballs).

How Can Berries Be Used?
When you encounter a wild Pokémon you can pull up your inventory. When accessing your inventory you can either switch between different types of Pokéballs or use a Berry. Simply click on the Berry you would like to use and then feed it to the wild Pokemon. If done correctly you should see a slight color change in the circle around the Pokémon.

Tips for Using Berries
- Easier captures statistically require less Pokeballs, therefore use Berries to limit the number of Pokéballs used per capture. 

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