Extra Candy & Ghost Pokémon for 2016 Halloween Event!

Pokémon Go's 2016 Halloween Event will start on October 26th and run through November 1st. Players will be able to obtain additional Candy for their efforts, not to mention a select number of Pokémon will be more commonly found during this week long event!

We Want More Candy!
During this Halloween event, players will be able to obtain Candy more quickly in the following ways:

Buddy System: Walking with your active Buddy Pokémon will award Candy four times faster than normal. For example, if a Pokémon normally requires 3 km walked for a Candy, it will now only require 0.75 km!

Captures: Capturing any Pokémon will now award 6 Candy instead of the normal 3 Candy. 

Egg Hatching: The Candy gained from any hatched Eggs will now double, so get moving!!!

Transfers: Transferring a Pokémon will now award 2 Candy instead of the normal 1 Candy.

Which Pokémon are More Common During the Event?
Some Ghost, Psychic and Poison Pokémon will also be much more common during this week long event. Be sure to search for more of the following Pokémon as you trick-or-treat:

Pokedex #PicPokémonType 1Type 2Candy Required






So far I have captured all, but Gengar. What about you!?


Anonymous said...

Cats are also showing up more often too. By the way, thanks for your great site. It's a big help.

Anonymous said...

In austria Cubones,Marowaks,Meouths and all evolutions of Gastly are all over.

Anonymous said...

Meowth, Cubone and Marowak spawn more often, they are also spooky pokémon.

Unknown said...

Awesome. Been reaping some of this benefits so far

Anonymous said...

Drowsy, Cubans, meowth, ghastly is all over UK

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