Version 0.33.0 for Android and 1.3.0 for iOS (Minor Update)

Niantic has just released the latest patch notes for Pokémon Go on August 8th. Unlike the previous update, which balanced the Power of many different Moves, this update served to address minor changes in the game.

The updates are summarized below:

- A dialog box will appear to remind players that they should not play while driving. When a player reaches a certain speed the text will pop up with this warning message. Trainers must slow down and confirm they are not driving before they can resume playing the game.

- The curveball throw is now slightly more accurate.

- XP Bonuses such as Nice Throw, Great Throw and Excellent Throw now award the correct amount of XP.

- Achievements page now shows the correct medal icons.

- Players now have the option of renaming their Trainer one time!

- Battery saver mode is now re-enabled.

- Visuals added of the Leaders of Team Mystic, Valor and Instinct

- The "Nearby Pokémon" feature is still under testing. Different users will see a variation of this feature in the User Interface.

- Minor Adjustments to the on screen Text.

Please comment below with your opinion or thoughts on the Nearby Pokémon screen. I'm seeing blades of grass behind each Nearby Pokémon now... not sure what this means just yet. 


Anonymous said...

I am also seeing blades of grass behind each Pokemon.
Also, what i noticed is that the nearby now "sightings" are actually fairly close and it shows what is coming up on the direction you are walking towards. If you turn around you will notice a change on the Pokemon nearby/sighted and when there's nothing around the Sightings window will be blank.

Anonymous said...

Eevee evolutions appear to be random again. I evolved 4 named with the previous "easter egg" rules and none evolved into what they should have.

Unknown said...

Android 4.4.4 not able to play anymore. Tried everything short of a new phone. What to do?????

Anonymous said...

I also had that problem after updateing try to uninstall the app and reinstall hope this works worked for me....

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