Getting Banned in Pokemon Go - Everything You Need to Know

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It’s not hard to cheat in Pokemon Go, but it’s not easy to get away with it either.

To ensure that everything goes as expected, people who use any methods to cheat the system will get their account banned from Pokemon Go.

Below, we listed the most popular ways to get yourself banned in the game. Before we get into the main point, let’s learn why so many people are cheating in Pokemon Go.

Why Do They Cheat?While I’m not a person that promotes hacking in Pokemon Go, I have to admit that their accessibility features are still limited and for now cheating is the only workaround. After scrolling through my Twitter timelines to see what others are talking about #PokemonGo. One thing I noticed is that there are a lot of players with disabilities.

"I love Pokemon go, but I sure hope they improve their accessibility features. They can afford to do so with some of their literal billions."

— Supership 79 (@supership79) July 14, 2016

"Since I injured my hip, walking without pain is an issue. Thus... #Pokemongo has accessibility design problems."

— Justin Phillips/MNR (@calienteokami) July 13, 2016

"@DandelionGrrl @Lollardfish I agree that there are extremely serious accessibility issues in Pokemon Go that they could and should fix."

— RealSocialSkills (@rsocialskills) July 13, 2016

I mean, everywhere you browse someone gotta mention Pokemon Go in it. There is no way anyone with access to an Android or iPhone will not get the game.

But if you look at it, Pokemon Go isn’t meant for physically challenged individuals. I mean, the core purpose is to go outside to catch Pokemon. Therefore, these people will have to search for a way to continue playing and don’t have to move around.
Bypass Regional Availability

Pokemon Go isn’t available worldwide yet, in fact, you can only find it in the United States, Australia, Japan, and New Zealand. Everywhere else, sorry but you will have to wait a little longer until the official release.

Several tech blogs have dedicated a separate post just to show users how to get it in their country that doesn’t have Pokemon Go yet. And it worked!

However, Niantic has started banning Pokemon Go users for using an illegal version of the game. I can’t blame these players at all because of all the hype they see on social media and the news.

That isn’t the only way to get your account taken away, though. There are several more ways.

Last time I checked Teleporting in Pokemon was a way to escape battles and quickly move from one Pokémon Center to another.

Oh wait, that was Pokemon Red (not referring to to the image above).

In Pokemon Go, it’s unacceptable to Teleport or as they called it location spoofing. Instead of actually going outside to capture Pokemon, many players decided to fly to that location instead.

Some even go across the globe. Little did they know the game was GPS based so that should be easy for the developer to detect something is wrong with your account.
Fake Walking in Pokemon Go

This is the little cousin of location spoofing. It’s harder for the system to detect and find out that you’re using a method to move around in the game without walking in real life.

The only problem is that your iPhone must be jailbroken (this isn’t for Android). PokemonGoAnywhere is the name of the tweak that lets players tap anywhere nearby and have their character walk there instead. The player in real life can sit nicely on his or her couch.

While this is harder to detect by the system, many users have reported getting banned from Pokemon Go.

How can Niantic improve this?Taking the same idea and concept of a project from Github called Pokemon Go Controller, Niantic can add a controller inside the game. But only display this for people who have trouble moving around.

As to how this is going to work, I think Niantic have the resources and potential to design a system where players can prove disability. As to all the cheaters who recognize themselves as a disabled individual when they're not, I hope you get ban forever :). But for now, enjoy while it lasts.

I don’t know if there is anything else out there that could get your account taken away. But for now, that’s the three most popular ways of getting banned in Pokemon Go.

How do I avoid that, you asked? Don’t cheat, don’t hack the game, and wait until there is an official release by Nintendo.

I got banned and learned my lesson. What’s next?
Everyone make mistakes. And I appreciate you for being honest with yourself. Just promise me that you won't cheat again. Getting banned in Pokemon Go isn't a forever thing. You may reinstall and start from scratch.

Learn how to get unbanned from Hawon's site here:


Anonymous said...

If I ever get banned, I will keep cheating :) Enjoy wasting your time on walking! GG ez game :D

Anonymous said...

You got no friends to play with? what a pity...

Anonymous said...

It ain't about friends, it's about owning scrubs like you

Anonymous said...

i think niantic not think about their system, if cheater can use a bot to play the game it's mean niantic not prepare a good system so i think not fair they banned trainer.

Unknown said...

I think your missing the whole idea of the app. It is to give you something interesting to do while getting exercise

Anonymous said...

I'll never understand why people think they're hot shit when they cheat. Like you're using technology/scripts that you didn't even write and sitting your fat ass at home all day getting bedsores instead of actually going out and exercising. Anyone can bot or spoof if they wanted to but they choose not to because they're not lazy pieces of shit.

Anonymous said...

is there a hot coffee mod for pokemon go?

Anonymous said...

Do you need to have a jail broken phone to use these hacks? I have been playing since day one and I love the game but I am physically disabled I have an extremely messed up spine and a leg I can barely stand on at times, I'll never do a hack on my primary account but I was thinking of making a new account and trying it. What do you guys think?

Anonymous said...

I've gotten banned on 30 accounts, but I've botted 200+ and sold most of them for $1-$20 each.

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