Announcement: Pokémon Moves to be Updated Within a Week

Since the release of Pokémon Go, I've been playing the game a lot. However, this week I will be taking a break from playing to update the Pokémon Go Database with the official Movesets of each Pokémon. I would also like to include the Power and number of Energy bars required for each Move.

Please let me know if there is anything else surrounding the Moves that would be helpful for you to see in each Pokémon profile. Thank you for your comments and patience. 


Anonymous said...
If you click on the moves it will take you to a table with amount of damage and power up bars. What I would love to see is probability of each type of move.

Anonymous said...

You are awesome! Thank you for all of this great info!

Anonymous J said...

Pokemon Go is now a days most popular why? did you know?

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