March 29th Update - Locations,Types, Badges and More!

Niantic has just announced the start of the Japanese Pokemon Go Field Test and some testers have already shared information from the Pokemon Go APK. An APK is an Android application package file used to install App software and middleware onto Google's Android operating system.

Based on these new details, here are 14 new pieces of information about Pokemon Go:

#1. Generation One Pokemon Confirmed
There were a total of 151 Pokemon data files found in the Pokemon Go APK. We already know from the Official Trailer that many of the Gen One Pokemon would be in the game. However, this new information confirms the fact that all 151 original Pokemon from Pokemon Red & Blue will be in Pokemon Go!

In Pokemon Go, these Pokemon will be classified as Normal, Legendary and Mythic depending on Pokemon Rarity. Mythic Pokemon may not be catchable in the Wild, but instead may be a reward from a Raid or require a very High Trainer Level plus a Master Ball.

#2. All 18 Pokemon Types Confirmed
Pokemon Go will have all Types of Pokemon, which include Water, Rock, Psychic, Poison, Normal, Electric, Ground, Ghost, Grass, Flying, Fire, Fighting, Ice, Dragon, Bug, Dark, Steel and Fairy. It will be interesting to see how much of an effect Pokemon Types will have in battles.

#3. Moves Confirmed
A total of 232 Pokemon Moves were found to be included in the game. Many of these moves are not in the original Red, Blue and Yellow games.

#4. Dodging
Just as in other Pokemon games, not all moves will have 100% accuracy. Pokemon will be able to dodge moves, resulting in zero damage taken. Lower accuracy moves will likely hit less, but do more damage. This will add a bit more luck and strategy to battles.

#5. Badges
In Pokemon Go, Badges will be awarded to players after completing certain achievements. These achievements will include (but are not limited to) Distance Walked Milestones, Pokemon Captured, Gyms Defended/Captured, Pokemon Evolved, Eggs Hatched, Total Encounters, Poke Balls Thrown, Unique Locations Visited (Eg. Pokestops, Gyms, Landmarks), Successful Raids, etc.. Badges will be displayed in the profile of each Trainer.

#6. Teams
Players will have the option of choosing one of three teams after reaching a certain point in the game. The three teams will be Red, Blue and Yellow. Players will want to join Teams to compete for Gym ownership and Prestige. The goal will be to work with your team in order to capture Gyms. You will then need to build up Gym defenses to defend against incoming challenges from the other two Teams.

#7. Natures
In other Pokemon games, a Pokemon’s Nature affects the growth of a Pokemon’s stats as it Levels up. In Pokemon Go, there will be seven different Natures. These include Assassin, Raider, Stoic, Guardian, Protector, Sentry and Champion.

Pokemon with the Assassin Nature may see its Attack Stat increase with each Level Up, but at the same time may see a decrease in its Defensive Stat. Pokemon with a Protector Nature may have just the opposite effect. This will add another strategic element to battles and Training in Pokemon Go.

#8. Evolution Shards
It has already been confirmed that evolving Pokemon will require Evolution Stones and multiple captures of the same Pokemon. However, rather than simply obtaining Evolution Stones, it seems that players will need to collect Evolution Shards first and combine them into Evolution Stones. Evolution Stones may still be differentiated by Type (Eg. Water, Fire, Grass).

#9. Trainer Profile Customization
It was just speculation at first, but it has now been confirmed that Trainers can be customized. There will be over fifty different items that can be acquired by users to customize his or her Trainer Avatar. As of now, these items will be purely cosmetic, meaning users will gain no stats or bonuses for equipping them.

#10. Level Cap & Inventory Space
Trainers will gain EXP by completing certain tasks in Pokemon Go. These tasks include earning badges, capturing Pokemon, winning battles, etc. As players progress through the game and Level Up they will be able to capture Pokemon with higher CP. The Trainer Level cap is currently set a Level 50.

Each player will have an Inventory, where items such as Poke Balls, Potions, Eggs, etc. can be stored. At this point each user will have an inventory limit of 1,000 items and 500 for Pokemon and Pokemon Eggs.

#11. In App Purchases
Although Pokemon Go will be Free to Play, there will be In-App purchases. Different types of items for purchase will include Poke Balls, Medicine, Food, Gems, Utilities, Boosts, etc. There will be four different Tiers of items, each more powerful than the previous. For example, Poke Balls, Great Balls, Ultra Balls and Master Balls will be available for purchase. Each will be more expensive than the previous Tier. For example, an Ultra Ball will cost much more than a standard Poke Ball.

#12. CP
CP will be a unique value assigned to each Pokemon. The higher the CP of a Pokemon the more difficult it will be to catch that Pokemon. It has been suggested that CP may refer to Combat Points or Crystal Points.

#13. Gym Points
Though no details have yet been released on Gym Points they may be acquired by capturing or defending in Gym battles. These points could be used for increasing Gym defense or improving the defensive stats of the Pokemon defending a Gym.

#14. Biomes/Locations
 There are a variety of different locations on the Map where different Pokemon can be found. Biomes will likely have different backgrounds and encounters for Pokemon capturing and battles. Here is the current list of Biomes and speculation as to where certain Types of Pokemon may reside. Based on these locations, it looks like Grass and Water Types will be easier to find, but Types such as Fire, Dragon and Fairy may be more difficult to locate.

BiomePossible Types
BuildingRock, Steel
LandmassGrass, Rock, Ground
POIsDragon, Fairy
CemeteryGhost, Fairy, Dark
FarmGrass, Bug, Flying
FarmlandGrass, Bug, Flying
FarmyardGrass, Bug, Flying
ForestGrass, Bug, Flying
GardenGrass, Bug, Flying
GlacierWater, Ice
Golf CourseGrass, Bug
GrassGrass, Bug, Flying
HospitalNormal, Psychic?
IndustrialRock, Electric
Major RoadNormal
Minor RoadNormal
Nature ReserveGrass, Bug, Flying
ParkGrass, Bug, Flying
ParkingGround, Rock
PathGrass, Bug
Place of WorshipFairy,
PlaygroundGrass, Bug, Ground
RailwayGround, Rock, Steel
Recreation AreaNormal
ResidentialFire?, Grass
Sports CenterFighting, Normal
StadiumFighting, Normal
Urban AreaRock, Ground
WoodGrass, Bug, Flying

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