Quick Tips For Capturing, Evolving and Battling


Unknown said...

The color of the circle is a major component to your capture rate. The closer the color to red, the more likely it will escape. The closer to green, the better your capture rate.

Smaller circle means increased chance of capture if accurate but decreased accuracy. Larger circle means increased chance of hitting the target but decreased percentage chance of capture. you decide for yourself what strategy you want.

You can also rotate a small circle on the pokeball to get it to a "sparkle" that increases the XP if you hit the center of the circle on your first throw.

If you miss and your ball is laying on the ground, tap it to pick it up so you don't waste it. This will save you a lot of gear.

Once you hit lvl 8 you get Razz Berry. You can feed one to a Pokemon to make it more likely to capture, and one more per escape from your pokeball if you choose.

At lvl 12 you get access to Great Balls which increase your percentage success in capture again. These cannot be purchased but can be gotten regularly from pokestops.

Level 20 should unlock Ultra Balls for greater odds of catching those higher level Pokemon.

There is talk of Master Balls but they are not confirmed as of this date.

Chris said...

I finally got a Gyarados, but he turned out to have crap moves like bite and twister. Makes such a good Pokemon useless. Hope that they bring out TMs.

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