Pokemon Go Beta HD Gameplay (Australia)

Pokemon Go is currently being Beta tested by players in Australia and New Zealand. One player has a recorded a nine minute long gameplay video and the game really looks great. Just in case the video gets taken down, here is the video breakdown:

0:23 - 0:34 - Loading Screen and then the player chooses between a Male or Female Trainer

0:35 - 1:15 - Player customizes his Trainer (Skin Color, Hat, Eyes, Shirt, Pants, Shoes, Backpack and Name)

1:16 - 1:25 - Trainer Profile and Achievements are viewed. The visible achievements are Distance Walked, Pokedex, Captures, Evolutions, Eggs Hatched, Encounters and Pokestop Visits.

1:39 - Each player starts off with 20 Pokeballs. Pokeball - A device for capturing wild Pokemon. It's thrown like a ball at a Pokemon comfortably encapsulating its target. 

1:47 - Player travels to a Gym. Gym - To control a Gym, you must pit your skills and your Pokemon in battle against others. Three teams compete for control of Gyms. You must choose to join one of the teams before you can battle.

2:04 - Player chooses Team Blue and a Geodude (CP 87) appears as one of his Pokemon.

2:24 - Player travels to a Pokestop (Giant Rock Stack) and collects three free Pokeballs and an Egg. Player also gains 50 XP.

2:50 - Wild Porygon (CP 85) is caught. Notice it has an orange circle around it, signifying that it is a relatively difficult capture. Pokemon with green circles around them are easy to capture. Player receives 100 XP for Pokemon Caught and 500 XP for New Pokemon.

3:14 - Porygon is shown as a Normal Type Pokemon, with Quick Attack and Thunderbolt as its two moves.

3:25 - Player reaches Level 2 and is awarded with five Great Balls. Great Ball - A good, high-performance Poke Ball that provides a higher Pokemon catch rate than a standard Poke Ball can.

3:55 - Vulpix (CP 55) is caught and shown as a Fire Type.

4:25 -  Magnemite (CP 75) is caught and shown as an Electric/Steel Type.

4:55 - Another Pokestop (Library) is visited and a Pokeball, a Great Ball and a Max Revive are obtained. Max Revive - A medicine that can revive fainted Pokemon. It also fully restores a fainted Pokemon's maximum HP.

5:15 - Player Trains his Magnemite by battling against his own Geodude at a friendly Blue Gym.

6:10 - Wild Meowth is encountered and captured.  Player earned a Medal for capturing his fifth Pokemon. Note: Capture mode can be toggled to either use the camera or use a virtual background instead.

6:28 - A third Pokestop is visited and two Pokeballs and a Great Ball are obtained. 50XP is gained and the player levels up to Trainer Level 3. He is rewarded with five Ultra Balls. Ultra Ball - An ultra-high performance Poke Ball that provides a higher catch success rate than a Great Ball.

6:50 - A fourth Pokestop is visited and 1x Pokeball, 1x Great Ball, 1x Ultra Ball and an Egg are obtained. 50XP is gained.

7:00 - After traveling one total KM in seven minutes of game time, an Egg hatches into a Poliwag (CP 49) 700 XP is gained. Poliwag is a Water Type.

7:55 - Wild Eevee (CP 56) is caught. Player receives 100 XP for Pokemon Caught and 500 XP for New Pokemon.

8:08 - Another Egg hatches from the player's inventory and its a Pikachu (CP 65)! The Pikachu is an Electric Type.

8:28 - Inventory shows 38 out of 1000 slots being used.

9:00 - A Wild Ekans (CP 60) is captured.

While this is still Closed Beta and many things may still change, it is very interesting to see that this player was able to capture so many different species of Pokemon is such a short amount of time. In addition, the gameplay was fast paced.  At least every thirty seconds there was either a Pokemon encounter, a Pokestop to visit or a Gym to battle at.

This is the best HD gameplay video I have seen so far and it really looks amazing. The Gym battle system looks fun, actually preferable to the original turn based battle system of other Pokemon games. With "Super Effective" and "Not Very Effective" popping up after each attack, Types will very much a part of the battling system and strategy in Pokemon Go.

Like many others, I originally thought being unable to battle wild Pokemon was a huge letdown. However, after seeing how this fast paced capture system works, I can definitely see why Niantic did not include Pokemon battles prior to capture. It would slow down the game tremendously, which would really inhibit players from "Catching Em' All". I honestly love all of the systems currently in place at the moment and can't wait until the Beta reaches the U.S.

What are your thoughts on the gameplay so far? Feel free to comment below.

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